My name is Joanne I'm a mother of two daughters sharing her journey towards a happier and healthier life, one rep at a time. I have always struggled with my self image. Becoming a mother at 21 was hard for me. In some ways I felt "robbed" of my childhood and my "youth". Not because I couldn't enjoy living like a 21 year old's life, but because my body had changed dramatically after being pregnant and since that happened I slowly began to hate my self image. I've always struggled getting into shape and focusing a life around my health. I began having low opinions of myself, which I believed for the longest time was modesty, until it became a form of self hate that quickly turned into a form of self destruction and depression. 

In July 2013 I started a fitness/health journey, making large changes in my lifestyle with how I viewed food and exercise. This journey hasn’t been all sunshine. There have been moments that I was ready to give in. If it wasn’t from the support of my husband, friends, and family I would’ve walked away. Throughout the process I remember feeling more energized, happier, and a fighting spirit within me started to burn brighter. I began to see the progress in my own eyes and I was amazed to see what I accomplished in a short period of time. 

I believe that fitness is not about the perfect body it's about getting your life together, overcoming fears, and building self confidence. Fitness will always be a continuous evolution of discovering who you are meant to be.




I hope that by sharing my journey that you find a sense of connection to your own. We all have dreams of becoming a better version of ourselves and of looking a certain way. Learning to love yourself enough to make the changes towards your dreams is the best lesson I've learned in this journey.

See my transformation.