Creative Multi-tasker 

As an intern for GOFITJO you’ll gain knowledge through hands on experience. I will show you the steps and tasks to managing a start up.  You will be a key contributor to organizational and administrative tasks, social media, press releases, and marketing campaigns, while taking their future interests into consideration.

The day-to-day

    • Support for creating, developing, editing, and instituting blog and social content 
    • Co-coordinate a plan and map for content deliverables 
    • Learn to update Blogs on website 
    • Blog post research, social media account management, post scheduling

    ** There may be other tasks you will be participating in while working with the team. 



    • This is not a paid internship, but I’m also offering a reference, academic credit if applicable, and knowledge behind building a brand from the ground up. 
    • Flexible hours, mostly virtual work, fun, easy going environment. 
    • 4-10 hrs a week for 6 months


    You Should Be

    • Self-motivated – You’re willing to take a project and run with it. You aren’t afraid to ask questions when you need to understand something better, but will try to figure out the answer first. 

    • Excellent communicator (written and verbal) – Most of our work is delivered in written or presentation formats, so we do a lot of writing and editing. 

    • Internet-savvy – You get the internet. You likely have your own website and actively participate on social media. You’re pro at using search engines to find the answers to questions. 

    • Empathetic – You love learning about people and communities, working to understand what matters to them and why. 

    • Visual – You have a good eye, both for photography and design. You understand how images tell stories and you're always taking better photos than your friends and family. 

    • Passionate about learning – As a small team, we wear a lot of hats. This requires constant learning and the ability to juggle multiple tasks at once. 

    • Prideful - You care about your work and how it represents you. You don’t just meet minimum expectations.


    nice to have

    • You love to sweat, eat, and enjoy a healthy-ish lifestyle

    • A sense of humor. - There are so many facepalm moments while working with me. Laughter is going to be our saving grace during tight deadlines



    • Real-world technical skills for a real online and offline business 
    • Key pieces to content creation, editing, blogging/vlogging, and development 
    • The back end workings of digital campaigns 
    • The life/biz of a mutha hustla 
    • Technical aspects and operations of a growing business 
    • How to work directly with my Management team and other key brand marketing managers 
    • Brand development through successful marketing 

    Interested in this position?

    Please submit a resume along with your answers to the questions below with a brief explanation of why you're the perfect intern for GOFITJO to and


    Copy and paste these questions into an email & answer them!

    1. What’s your favorite form of movement?

    2. Who’s the one person alive now you’d want to have brunch with?

    3. How would your friends describe you?

      Example/ My friends tell me I’m real, honest, and down to earth.

    4. Continue the sentence “If someone likes me a lot, I start to feel...

    5. What are your 1 year, 3 year and 5 years goals, big or small (no pressure)!

    6. Are you currently employed? If yes, please explain.

    7. What days/hours are you available?

    8. What excites you most about this position?

    9. Are you into health/wellness?

    10. Do you follow me on social platforms?

    11. How well do you feel like you know my brand? (again, no pressure!!)

    12. Your social media accounts.

    13. Anything else you want me to know?