Ombre: Hair Trends

Ombré - is a french word defined as: shaded or graduated in tone: said of a color. Ombre hair color has become one of the latest trends since fall/winter 2010 and continues to carry on through the beginning of spring and summer.  It's definitely been a technic commonly asked for in our salon and one that I feel will stay through the summer. The key to getting Ombre haircolor right is to making sure that the deeper shade which is left around your root area is soft and gradually bleeds out.  It should NOT look as if your roots are growing in.

According to Marisa Moon of Sam Brocato Salon of NYC, ombre is right for you if...

  1. prefer low-maintenance, natural looking highlights (ombre highlights grow out beautifully and are virtually maintenance free).
  2. are bored with solid, dark hair and want a boost of color without a total commitment to highlights.
  3. have always wanted to be blonde but worried the traditional all-over blonde highlights would make you look washed out.

Wanna know if Ombre Hair is right for you.  Give me a call or fire me off an email and let's set up your consultation.



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