EAT // Protein Waffles

Shot and edited with VSCO Cam

Shot and edited with VSCO Cam

Sunday brunch is in full effect protein style! 

Often times the mis-belief about "clean" eating is that its flavorless or boring. I love cooking, its one of my passions. I view it as a craft, a work of art. I have mad respect for chefs because they are using techniques they have learned mixing it with unique ingredients and flavors to create mouth watering poetry. Like anything in life you just have to care enough to learn, expand your knowledge, and give it a try. I've had many meals come out wrong and others that I've mastered in one shot. Don't be afraid to fail in both cooking and exercising! Failing is part of finding success.


2 slices of Daves Killer Bread

1 scoop of cake batter Muscle Gauge Nutrition protein powder (you can use any vanilla flavored protein powder)

1 cup of egg whites

2 tbsp of cinnamon

4 drops of English Toffee Stevia

1/4 cup of strawberries *optional

1. Mix powder, cinnamon, stevia, and eggs together in blender or bowl. Pour it into a baking dish.

2. Soak bread slices into the mixture.

3. Heat up a cast iron skillet or nonstick skillet, spray with coconut oil and "toast" the bread.

You will have extra mixture that you can pour right over the top of the bread in the pan. Enjoy!

Joanne E

I’m a mother of two beautiful daughters and married to a man who completes me. I started my fitness journey as a way to heal my soul and launched my blog in hopes to continue to inspire and empower women to use fitness as a tool to heal depression and find their self worth. I strongly believe that each woman deserves to be in love with herself just as much as her man does. I have an obsession with reusable water bottles, I enjoy action movies, and I’m in love with burpees.