36 hours in LA

Last week I jumped on a plane to head to a last minute trip booked to LA. Mind you this type of spontaneity is not something I usually do. I love to have my trips planned out with a light itinerary of things I need to see, do, or places I need to eat and most importantly people I need to make time for. This time however I got an invite to an exclusive and private release party for the new launch of the Nike Air Max 1 Flyknit that Nike collaborated with Smashbox with. A night of sneakers and make up, I just couldn't pass up. Plus the evening aligned perfectly with the 91:LTD by Cotton On preview event so it made up for the one full day of adventure. 

If you followed me on Snapchat that day, then you'll know that my Tuesday morning was filled with workouts and work meetings, then I was off on a flight to LAX for an afternoon with Remi, an incredible woman and blogger. Our afternoon was spent visiting the Wetherly Group showroom, then a lovely snack at Rawberri, followed with yoga at Playlist, and dinner with the Yen Sisters, Eve and Elisa. Playlist yoga was an incredible experience, I wish I had more photos from there, but I was chilling in savasana. It's yoga meets Soulcyle as far as the music goes and it blew my mind! 


Like I mentioned earlier, I normally plan my trips in advanced. I like to book an AirBnB with a kitchen so I can cook most of my meals and have a space that feels like home, since it was last minute I decided to use Hotel Tonight to lock down a place for two nights. It's pretty easy to use and all in the palm of your hands with an app and the night before I flew out I was able to book a stay at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. Here's a little HT Travel tip: when searching for your city in hotel tonight type the phrase "hip" after. (example: "West Hollywood, CA HIP") this will generate hotels that are categorized under HIP within their app. They have other category terms like: solid, luxe, basic, and charming that you can use to narrow down your search too. 


Wednesday morning was another busy day for me. I woke up to meet an LA Based trainer named Quoc over at the Equinox and he murdered me with a quick full body circuit training session. If you're in LA definitely seek him out for either training or photos, he's an incredible creative as well. Training session was followed by a trip to Sweatheory, for a quick infrared sauna session, shower, and a brief pause on the crazy schedule.


Then it was off to the Cotton On event. I wish I took more photos but I was too busy watching my jacket getting embroidered, eating all the yummy bites provided by EP & LP, and sipping on fresh coconuts to worry about fiddling with my camera. 


Wetherly Group was so generous to dress me for this event and I picked out this awesome wide legged Coulette Jumpsuit from the 91:LTD Denim line.  Thank you guys for making me feel like Cinderella. 

Then after another showroom visit we headed back to Avalon Hotel for a quick break and bite to eat. 

Then we quickly headed out to Blends in Beverly Hills for a night with sneakers and make up, and just the perfect little way to end my 36 hours in LA. 

Lindsay Jang editor of Miss Bish 

Lindsay Jang editor of Miss Bish 

Now I'm just wondering where life will take me next. Every day I'm just grateful for the opportunities that come along my way. I've not only been able to experience new things, but create new friendships and thats worth its weight in gold. Thanks Remi for babysitting mama Jo on my crazy adventures. 

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