5 Reasons Why Travel is Good For your Health

With 40 days of summer left in the year there's still some time to squeeze in one more getaway before the fall begins which means pack your bags with your essentials and GO! Travel is one of the best ways to escape the day to day routine of life, its good for your mental health, and physical health. And of course travel can help reignite passions and interests in our souls just by changing our environment. 

Becoming a mother in my 20s I didn't get to do much traveling around the world, but now that the kids are getting older it'll be easier for me and my travel buddy aka my husband to be able to take these incredible trips we've always dreamed of. 

Some of those places for me are: 

  • Santorini 
  • Thailand/Vietnam
  • France
  • India
  • Philippines

We all know how incredibly cleansing travel is for the soul and when you find that place that you lose yourself just to rediscover who you are becoming, it always feels like home. Hawaii has always been that place for me. And each time I visit, her waters just seem to take a piece of me every single time and I come back from my trip with a little bit of perspective on what self love really means. Not only is traveling great for the soul, but its good for your health too.

Here are 5 reasons why travel is good for your health.

  1. You get your body moving constantly. When you travel you're bound to get up and go adventure whether you're the outdoor thrill seeker or the city slicker wanderer. Regardless of the mode or type of adventure you're in for, there's exploration involved which typically involves a whole lot of getting up and walking. 
  2. A change of perspective and environment can help reduce stress. It's no surprise that the daunting daily life can be stressful. I mean I say this all the time, #adultishard. When you are in a new environment your mind can be put more at ease because you're not trapped to your every day routine, changing your perspective on life and increasing your creativity. Freeing your to the complexities of your mind can reduce your stress levels. 
  3. R&R: Rest and Recover! Most of the time we go on vacation and get a little more sleep than we normally would. Maybe you take long lazy naps at the beach or sleep in a little early because there's no work to do. Either way if you're getting more sleep during your trip this will help the body produce more growth hormone and protein synthesis aiding in recovery. 
  4. You learn to be flexible and become more patient. There are those few occasions where things don't go according as planned. Maybe the weather isn't what you expected for your trip, lost luggage, or tours and excursions get cancelled last minute. In these situations you can either get mad and potentially ruin the rest of your time or you can learn to breath and look for the positivity in the situation. You're traveling because you're wanting to make new memories, make them as positive as you can. 
  5. Travel pushes you out of your comfort zone.  There's nothing more exciting than to trying something you've never done before an what better place then when on vacation. I always say there's this soft spot between excited and scared and if you're wading in that soft spot then its better to jump out of fear of never being able to do it again. Like jumping into 100ft deep Pacific Ocean waters just because your heart wanted to. 

Like I said Hawaii has a special place in my heart. Her waters help me find a little more self love and self grace. All the worries I had about my self image seem to slip away when I'm there, maybe because somehow Hawaii knows that in order for me to be lost in her beauty I need to leave behind the negativity and find that beauty within myself. 

Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon

Now that you know how travel can impact your health in a positive way where are you going to go on your next adventure? A full Kauai post on all are adventures and a list of my recommendations are coming up next week. 

P.S. I wish I had photos of if, but this is Polihale Beach, its the longest stretch of beach in the state of Hawaii found in Kauai. There's a lot of off roading involved to get here and thankfully because Jonathan wanted to blend in with the kama'aina we chose a pick up truck as our rental for the week. Needless to say I've never driven on sand before and I got the truck stuck in the sand. Probably one of the best memories ever on this trip that definitely lead to a whole lot of being flexible and learning patience, reason #4. 


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