Simple Beach Waves Hair Tutorial

Alright folks here's my first ever hair tutorial so bear with me. Funny enough I was a hairstylist for 10 years so I should be used to doing these right?! :) Every where I turn I'm seeing all these soft tousled beach waves everywhere I go or maybe its just me. I'm madly missing the warm beaches of Hawaii, especially now that fall is just around the corner.  

Normally I curl my hair with a curling iron but since I've been obsessed with these beach waves, I've been using the T3 Single Pass Luxe Straightening Iron to recreate these beach waves on my bone straight hair. I'm breaking it down short and simple in a few easy steps...

First we start with a base of products. You always want to use some sort of product in your hair to protect it from any heat styling. My two recent favorites have been Surf Infusion from Bumble and Bumble's new Surf Set and Briogeo's Blow Dry Perfection and Heat Protectant Creme. The Surf Infusion is a texturizing spray that creates soft sea hair with a lovely little sheen. Briogeo's Heat Protectant Creme is a plant based heat protectant that protects the hair from heat up to 425 degrees (in the event you ever decide to bake your hair). 

Typically if I'm going to blow dry my hair after a shower I start by applying Briogeo's Blow Dry Perfection and Heat Protectant Creme all over and then I blow dry. If I'm air drying my hair for the day, I use the Surf Infusion and give me hair a tiny break from being beat up from the heat. 

Now on to the fun stuff...

1. Create a vertical section of hair and curl with your flat iron. When pulling the curling iron down, leave the end of the section out. (this will help give that rugged just air dried from the sea look)

2. Repeat, working your way around your head. With each section, curl the hair in opposite directions, alternating between sections curled toward your face and sections curled toward the back of your head.

3. As you get to the crown and the front of your hair, curl smaller sections.

4. Run fingers through your hair to separate curls.

5. The most important step, lip sync like Beyonce because your hair is so fierce! ( But make sure the iron is off, we believe in safety first)

I am a lucky gal that I have my husband, Jonathan as my photographer. Not only do we get the chances to work together on our own separate passion projects, we also get to have so much fun messing around while working together. If you haven't checked out his photography yet, head over to our website. He's an incredible human and a talented wedding/lifestyle photographer. Oh and if you haven't seen his snapchat yet. You're missing out on laughing all day.

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