DO //Never miss a leg day

Well here's a little motivation for me to jump up out of bed and get my glutes/leg day on!


A little progress pic of my booty gains from 10 months of building lean muscle to step on stage with some major improvements. Every single time I step off the stage I tell myself this is your last time, but let's be honest who am I kidding? I love the intensity of the training, the discipline one needs to have, and the feeling I get when I look back at how I was able to accomplish such a huge goal entwined with all my life's obligations.

Here's the breakdown of this progress pic:

My weight on the LEFT was 94lbs. I was incredibly small, I lost a lot of lean muscle in the last few weeks of prep due to the caloric deficit and ridiculous amount of cardio my old coach had me on. My previous coach has me on 850-1000 cal of day and close to 50g of carbs. Not enough macronutrients to actually feed my body for muscle growth.

My weight on the RIGHT was 103lbs. I put on some major lean muscle in my legs and glutes and came in looking much fuller and stronger rather skinny and lean. My waist was actually smaller in 2015 than in 2014 and I had a much better hourglass shape rather than a complete stick. My competing diet here consisted of 1400+ calories and about 140g of carbs!#feedthemuscles

What I've learned over the course of that year from changing coaches is that proper nutrition to eat towards your goals doesn't always mean eat less, it means eat right! If you're looking to put on some lean muscle mass you have to fuel yourself with the right macronutrients. Less carbs isn't always the answer. And before you start thinking carbs like French fries and tons of bread. I'm referring to healthy carbs like veggies, rice, oatmeal, potatoes, and Dave's Killer bread or Ezekiel bread (my two favs). These are such reminders to me that progress is happening even if you can't see it. Trust the process, stay focused on the course, and never doubt yourself for one moment. If in July 2013 you would've asked me to step on stage, I would've said "Hell no I wouldn't even be caught dead in a two piece with my stretch marks." Things have changed. #letsdothis



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