Journal With Jo: Bullet Journal Review

I had heard about The Bullet Journal system at some point last year, but never got into it. Truth be told I was so intimidated by all the beautiful artwork I had seen on all the different YouTube videos and immediately decided it just wasn’t for me. I had been using Passion Planner for some time, but felt that it was no longer suiting my lifestyle and needed a system that I could customize based on my needs for that week. Plus I was just tired of carrying a planner and a separate notebook to jot my thoughts down. 


I began to utilizing Bullet Journal in April 2017 when my daughter started to playing around with it and I figured why not, what do I have lose? What attracted me the most about Bullet Journal was its simplicity in rapid logging, the language in which Bullet Journal was written broken down in four different components: topics, page numbers, short sentences, and bullets. What I’ve loved is the ability to be able to marry note taking and task jotting all in one place. It’s also given me the opportunity to express a hidden creative side, organize my thoughts and my brains, and as of the last month or two has been they way I slow my heart rate, practice my breathing, and essentially meditate. 

Here's a walkthrough of my Bullet Journal 

I'm currently using a Moleskin squared journal, but soon will be moving over to a Leuchtturm 1917 A5 dotted journal since I'm on my final pages. As for the other supplies my favorites are: Delfonics .7mm Pen, Delfonics Pencil, Tombow brush pens,  6 inch ruler, mildlighters (the best highlighters in the world), and an eraser for all the potential mistakes you might make. 


One of the first things I created in my bullet journal was key so that I knew what the symbols would represent as I start jotting things down. I tried using the same system that was created by Ryder Carroll the creator of the system, but it just didn't work for me. So I found some inspiration from @monokromajic


Monthly Log

Most people create a future log, which I did when I first set up my bullet journal, but didn't stick to it because I set up my bullet journal in April and I would rather create a future log in January. Each month I do set up a monthly log which allows me to quickly jot events or important deadlines that I already know ahead of time such as travel dates, weddings that I shoot with the hubs or project deadlines.

Within my monthly log I also love to lay out my Monthly Intentions, which really helps me to focus on a few things each week within the month. 

Daily Log

My favorite part about bullet journal is the daily log. It's become a place where I can start rapidly input tasks, events, and notes. I set my daily log on Sunday evenings so that I can start to jot down things ahead of time.


What I love seeing over time is the evolvement of my bullet journal journey. It's gone through so many iterations to figure out what format works for me. I've played around with different layouts, toyed around with color, and even started my weekly layout on Monday after realizing 


One of my favorite pages and spreads have been my my monthly intentions, new moon intentions, and my current project spread. These pages are called Collections and it's basically a spread or page that relates to a one specific topic or common theme. 

My favorite by far was my Todos Santos packing list. This was a lot of fun to create because I explored my artistic side and was extremely impressed with my simple sketching skills. Out of the entire household I'm the least artistic one when it comes to my hands so it was a lovely surprise that I was able to get these cactus to look as good as they do. The other thing that I've loved doing and continue to do at the end of each month is a Month in Review. These help me to understand what areas I could improve in when it comes to the intentions I set in the beginning of the month.


Lastly...If you're trying to decide on whether or not to jump into the latest craze called BUJO, don't think just do it. The beauty of it is that you can make it as simple as you want or as complicated as you want. You can truly modify Bullet Journal to fit your needs and your lifestyle. I honestly never knew how much I needed Bullet Journal until I had one. You can find so many different examples of Bullet Journal on Instagram and Pinterest to give you an endless stream of inspiration. 

Here are a few of my favorite accounts: 

If you bullet journal too, let me know. Leave me your account or hashtag in the comments below and I hope you'll one day #journalwithjo



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