Traveling Smarter with Biossance

This month I’m headed out to 4 different small trips this month and I’m the queen of overpacking. So one of the biggests areas I’m trying to work on is packing less and curating down what items are coming with me on my trips. One area that always seems to need more curation is my beauty/skincare. I’m a bit of a product junkie and sometimes I need just as many beauty product options on a trip just like I need the amount of shoes for wardrobe changes. I recently discovered Biossance in my quest to find the best skin care products that leave me bare skin (#nomakeup). After using it for 7 days I immediately noticed a difference with me skin and have been loving it during those weeks where I’m feeling very minimal about make up. It’s a definite must try and you can get 2 FREE samples here, no strings attached. These little guys are perfect to stash in your travel bag or gym bag.


The first thing I did for this trip was actually create a packing list. The funny thing is in my house we have our girls make packing lists so that they can pack their own luggages efficiently, but I’ve always thought to myself “I don’t need one, they’re silly!” After making one the other night it made packing for this trip so easy because I had a game plan for it. I seriously felt like a lightbulb went on in my head which was silly because I’m such list maker in other areas in my life.

Before this trip I ordered some packing cubes after seeing my friend use them. I’ve seen them before but fought the need for them because I thought it was just an unnecessary expense. But after packing for this jet setter type of week, I don’t know why I lived so long without them. I’m using two cubes for my trip and one is packed specifically with everything needed for my workouts and the other has my other wardrobe. These things are so helpful because you can pack a ton of things in them and zip them up tightly.

With regards to packing skincare I’ve started to lean towards brands that offer travel sized options or even samples for several reasons. The most obvious reason: being able to pack less while traveling and the other reason is I hate forgetting my products in hotel rooms or in the AirBnB we’re staying it. I’ve done this several times and I’m always upset over it because I have to order and wait for a new one to come in.

Why I love Biossance?

Biossance is based out in Berkeley, CA and I’m a huge fan of supporting as much local business big or small that I can. They also pride themselves in innovation in biotechnology. GO figure for a Bay Area based brand where tech is on the rise. In addition to the nerdy science the Squalane they use in their products is plant based where traditionally squalane was harvested from sharks. Squalane is often found in luxury end skincare products that also includes a high price point whereas Biossane offers their high quality products at an affordable price.

This post was sponsored by Biossance and I was compensated to write this post, but all the opinions are 100% my own

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