Trunk Club Review

To all my fitness girls out there. Have you ever gone shopping with the intention to buy “normal people” clothing and walked out with workout leggings and sneakers instead?

Hmmm...Never happens right?! JK It happens to me every single time and kicking myself in the butt for not picking up something to wear to a non fitness related function. The struggle is real.

Subscription boxes have been on the rise for almost the last two years now and I’ve had my share of a few. I love this idea of discovering new pieces of jewelry, beauty products, and even workout clothing through the mail. It’s like getting birthday presents or Christmas gifts with the ability to discover something new.  

I recently was introduced to Trunk Club and I wish I had found it sooner. Funny enough when I told my husband about it he was like, “Oh yeah I know about them…” I looked at him and was like “WTF...where have I been"?

jacket and shoes from my recent Trunk Club

jacket and shoes from my recent Trunk Club

Before I tell you about my product review let me tell you a little bit about my personal style woes. I live in activewear all the time. At first it was amazing! Spandex and sweat wicking fabric became my best friend over the past 3 years. My closet and drawers were filled with activewear I wore to workout and activewear that I wore for style. Yeah I know...I’m shaking my head too. I even nailed that athleisure corporate world maven by pairing all my workout leggings with power blazers and joggers with heels and a clutch. I looked cozy, chic, and I prided myself in being able to drop down into a burpee at any given time at the office. But every since working from home this entire activewear look started to almost look and feel like activewear/PJs/did this woman even shower today look.

It was OK most days, but then it started to affect how I feel about myself throughout my work day. I mean let’s be real. The greatest benefits about working from home is that you are truly WFHIYP (Working From Home in Yoga Pants). But some days you just wanna dress up, put on some lipstick, brush your hair, and feel good about putting yourself together. INSERT STRUGGLE… But I had nothing to wear to do that. A large majority of my current wardrobe are either workout clothes or clothing I wear to shoot weddings in or my favorite look: denim and a white tee. I love my personal style, it works for me. But some days you just want more... This is where Trunk Club comes to the rescue.


Trunk Club is a convenient personal stylist service that helps solve pesky problems like “not having anything to wear”. You discover great clothes that are perfect for you without the some of the pain of having to go shopping and since it’s a Nordstrom company you get the unmatched customer service and attention that you’re used to in stores and online.

How to Get the Perfect Trunk from Trunk Club

You sign up online and connect with your personal stylist. Make sure you communicate openly and honestly so that you’re stylist understands what you’re going for. Be specific and don’t feel bad about expressing things you don’t like from color, to fit, and especially price points! My stylist Bayley and I talked about price points, things I liked, we revied my style inspo Pinterest board, and I even linked her to a Trunk Club post on Menswear Inspired looks with a feminine twist, a style I really love but can’t seem to get the pieces right to recreate it. I was able to review pieces she picked out for me after my style assessment and consultation and we went back and forth on some of the first selections until we nailed down the perfect trunk to ship.


I received my Trunk a few days later and it immediately felt like Christmas. Inside was a collection of 9 articles of clothing curated specifically for me and every single piece was seriously a dream. Inside everything was neatly packaged and the box included a note with a list of all the items included along with the price and a prepaid label for shipping back any items you don’t wish to keep. Conveniently you can also return your items to your local Nordstrom or extend your try-on period if you need more time to decide on the items you received.

The unwrapping began and I don’t think I could’ve been more excited for clothes. It probably was because I didn’t have to deal with trying to find parking at the mall, searching through all the racks for things I really was looking for or hoping to find, and they were affordable pieces that were high quality.

I immediately started trying everything on! And if you followed my IG Stories last week when I opened it you’ll know I was totally feeling myself and loving every single piece.

What I loved was that some of the pieces like this amazing romper wouldn’t be something I would shop for or even think about pulling off the rack to look at, but it’s something I’m making room for in my closet because It was HOT AF. If you’re putting on lipstick just to imagine yourself out on a date night or girls night out with an article of clothing, you know it’s a keeper!

There is a $25 styling fee for the Trunk Club that’s waived if you have a Nordstrom Card and it's applied to your purchase if you keep something. Similar to subscription boxes you can request the frequency of how many wardrobe trunks you’ll receive throughout the year and you can skip them if you want or cancel the service at anytime. I highly suggest it and if you sign up you can reap the rewards of their referral program where you get a $50 credit anytime a friend spends $50.

The true test of whether or not wardrobe pieces are styled just for you is the amount of compliments you get on it. And during my recent trip to LA I had received compliments left and right for this longline double breasted blazer by Mural and the Marc Fisher blocked heel loafers that were in my first Trunk Club shipment.


If the review was helpful please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you about your own personal style struggles.

Thanks to Trunk Club, a brand I love and trust, for refreshing my wardrobe and sponsoring this post. Partnerships like this make possible.

Photography by my talented husband, Jonathan of Encarnacion Photography

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