Weekeend Leftovers Vol. 2

Weekend Leftovers Vol. 2 is quick and short. I spent this last weekend recovering from a cold that I had the week before and kicked it off with a 90 minute SoulCycle ride, lots of girlfriend time, and major cuddle seshs with Olivia.

Friday  03.03.2017

SoulCycle Walnut Creek hosted a live DJ and 90 Minute SoulCycle ride. It was exactly the workout I needed to kick my cold followed by dinner at True Food Kitchen. I think one of my favorite things about this evening is how connected and present we were with one another at dinner. There wasn't the need or pressure to document every single dish or moment and we just enjoyed one another's company.

these candied ginger that goes with one of TFK's drinks were amazing!

these candied ginger that goes with one of TFK's drinks were amazing!

Saturday 03.04.2017

I kicked off Saturday morning with my girls over at Westfield Valley Fair mall for #beautyandbalance, a event hosted by Beautycon. My friends and I worked out in the middle of mall. So there's a first for everything.  

We obviously love taking photos

We obviously love taking photos

Staying healthy on the weekends can be a challenge.

Here are 10 Simple Tips for a Healthy Weekend

  1. Workout in the morning, before you head out for your day. Often in my case, I bring friends with me. 

  2. Limit your cocktails. One trick I have is to drink a full glass of water before ordering my first drink. This keeps me hydrated with H2O rather than gin. 

  3. Eat like you do on the weekdays. Just because the weekend is here doesn't mean you have to throw your good eating out the window. 

  4. Never go hungry to a party/event/outing. 

  5. Schedule some relaxation time. If you can find a way to get ONE hour of peace and quiet for yourself, do it!

  6. Get outside and do something active. Go on a bike ride or on a walk. 

  7. Get enough sleep. Aim for your 7+ hours a night on the weekends if you can. 

  8. Prep for the week ahead. I schedule my meal prep days on Sundays which helps me stay on track during the week and weekend. 

  9. Be productive. Lazy Sundays are amazing, but aim for an active-rest Sunday. 

  10. Order well while eating out at a restaurant. Order a salad or something fresh before your big brunch meal, this will satiate you before your big order of pancakes or french toast and you'll probably find yourself pretty stuffed before having that heavy order. 

After the #beautyandbalance event, Liv and I did her favorite thing, which was ride our bike to the library for some new books for the week. 

Sunday 03.04.2017

Sunday wasn't too eventful. We did our typical Whole Foods run for the week my husband had spent most of his day shooting an engagement session in SF, so it was a girls day. However we managed to do the one thing that we're always so happy we have the opportunity to do and that's snuggle with our kids in our bed. 

Sometimes life can be filled with the most exciting adventures filled with new experiences. Some weekends are simple, a little mundane, a little ordinary. Despite what your weekend might be filled with, find the joy in the simple moments. Life isn't going to be about jumping off cliffs, traveling to new and far places every single weekend. Some times life will be about watching Netflix while being in your pajamas all day. Even the mundane can be adventures if you're using your mind and those around you to create a life worth living. 

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