Weekend Leftovers Vol. 1

Part of getting getting in shape to be able to live your life is living your life. So much of the messaging for fitness revolves around the idea that you've got to create time for your workouts and your workout is only 4% of your life. At some point in every fitness enthusiast's journey, you get a little tunnel vision and only focus on your goals. That's perfectly OK. You have to be able to build that determination and focus in order to understand how to balance your life out.

I take my camera with me nearly everywhere I go, mostly because as a photography there's this part of me that just wants to document my life. The beauty about social media these days is that I'm able to share snippets of that life with you through Instagram and even on IG Stories which I've loved using more and more these days to have raw conversations with you. But sadly content online on social media is just borrowed space. Instagram stories and Snapchat are proof that content space is merely on short term lease. 

Over the weekend I adventured with a few of my internet friends turn real life friends and had the chance to spend all of Saturday with my husband kid free before my panel at sweetgreen. During brunch with my husband I was sharing my day in Napa with my girls and said, "check out these leftovers." He said, "Leftovers?" I replied, "yeah camera roll leftovers," and in that moment a new idea came to life. Tidbits of my life that will be called Weekend Leftovers, a photo diary of my weekend. Here's volume 1. 

Friday 02.24 - Napa with Karen and Nanette

We started our day at VGS Chateau Potelle, one of my favorite spots to wine taste. They offer a food and wine pairing that gives you a little taste into one of the valleys finest Michellin star restaurant, La Toque. You'll see these tiny little balloons in my gram often because I just love this place. 

Then we ventured off to Dean and Deluca and Long Meadow Ranch's tasting room right before we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Farmstead. 

Farmstead is one of those places you go to in St Helena when you want a place where the locals go to. There's nothing pretentious about the food and you're always guaranteed a meal that you'll be craving days after you've left. Must order: cheddar biscuits w/honey lavender butter (hungry thinking about it)

Left: Local Petrale Sole   Right: Wood Grilled Heritage Pork Chops

Left: Local Petrale Sole 

Right: Wood Grilled Heritage Pork Chops

After we traveled into Yountville for some Bouchon Bakery, Kollar Chocolates, and to visit Thomas Keller's new store Finesse the Store, a place where I can't afford anything, but just love it for the visual eye candy.

Ended the day at Maisonry, another personal favorite of mine. This tasting room features some of the best wines from all over the valley and the world. It's part art gallery and part tasting room so don't mind that all the pieces in there are labelled with a price tag. The backyard here is one that I constantly dream to have in my own backyard one day. An outdoor space to watch my kids play, host gatherings for friends, and sit in the backyard enjoying the sun while sipping on rosé.

Check out Karen Lao's adventure in SF. She's a Dallas based content, coffee, and brunch enthusiast. When she's not on a hunt for the cutest coffee shop, she's doing squats. 

Saturday 02.25 - SF with the hubs

It's wedding season for my husband and I, which means most weekends will be spent photographing weddings, engagement sessions, and lifestyle sessions. We're super stoked because during our "off season", he spends a lot of time in his cave aka office editing and trying to tie up any loose ends before the madness begins. We started off the morning shooting a lovely engagement session for one of my #BBGBayArea sisters, which is always a treat. Selfishly, I love seeing my fitness friends in non workout clothing. 

Then after that we zipped over the Bay Bridge to have brunch at Aina, a Hawaiian inspired lunch and dinner spot in the Dogpatch in SF, but before we could get seated we adventured into this little store called Workshop Residence, a fun little space that collaborates with artists and designers to manufacture home goods that evoke creativity, passion, and functional every day living. Being an artist myself, raising little artists, I love that there spaces like that that truly help creative visions come to fruition. 

Brunch in SF, unless you have reservations always require a fair amount of time waiting, but when the way is over it's always worth it. The malasadas at Aina is a must have. They do this amazing take with a guava custard balances out the sweetness that's known in traditional malasadas.

left: Chicken Katsu served w/folded omelette (I requested egg whites), udon noodles that had their take on mac salad  right: Portuguese Sausage Hash served with brussel sprouts and short grain rice

left: Chicken Katsu served w/folded omelette (I requested egg whites), udon noodles that had their take on mac salad

right: Portuguese Sausage Hash served with brussel sprouts and short grain rice

Before my panel at sweetgreen, we ventured off to one of my favorite places in SF, Flora Grubb Gardens, which I featured in my With the Locals SF City Guide. I picked up a few new air plants for #mytinycorner

camera bag:  Claremont by Lo & Sons  //  other option    man in the pic: taken

camera bag: Claremont by Lo & Sons // other option 

man in the pic: taken

Let's not forget that life is about creating memories too. Fitness is a tool to help us get in shape to be strong both mentally and physically to be able to enjoy these moments in life. I hope you enjoyed my #weekendleftovers and I hope to see some of yours. 

Joanne E

I’m a mother of two beautiful daughters and married to a man who completes me. I started my fitness journey as a way to heal my soul and launched my blog in hopes to continue to inspire and empower women to use fitness as a tool to heal depression and find their self worth. I strongly believe that each woman deserves to be in love with herself just as much as her man does. I have an obsession with reusable water bottles, I enjoy action movies, and I’m in love with burpees.