Weekend Leftovers Vol. 7

Alright friends. It's official I'm the worst blogger in the world and completely blew it on last week's edition of Weekend Leftovers. But I promise you that this edition is visually satisfying if not my personal favorite. New York has always had a place in my heart. After all I was born in Astoria, Queens. My trip to New York came about so quickly.  Two weeks before the trip, La Roche Posay reached out and asked if I was interested to flying out to NY to check out their new skincare line. Of course I was like “HELL YEAH!” It had been over 14 years since I had been back to New York. The last time I was there was right after Jonathan and I started dating. Funny enough before he and I got together I had this dream of moving to New York, working for Bumble and Bumble, and strolling around Manhattan in 4 inch heels like a girl boss. But I fell in love with a boy, got trapped, knocked up, and now we’re here living an incredible life that we have now. I wont deny that there’s parts of me that still revisits that dream from time to time just so I can smile at the ambitious young Joanne who thought she had it all worked out.

There’s something about New York. I really can’t put it into words why I love that place so much. It’s not like I had very many memories of it growing up. My folks moved to CA when I was 4 years old. But the moment I started to walk around Chelsea Village and Greenwich there was a part of me that knew I was home. It was like as if I could feel the city’s energy recharging me with every step I took. I also lucked out because according to friends it was the best time of year to come because the weather was just absolutely perfect. There was no rain, no sign of humidity, and the climate matched Northern California to a tee. 

I hope you enjoy this edition of Weekend Leftovers as much as I enjoyed capturing pieces of it and reliving it through these photographs. 


We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.
— Katie Thurmes, The Stories We Tell

Wednesday 04.12

A kiss goodbye and a quick redeye flight over from one coast to the next and I hit the ground running to squeeze in as much personal time before I had to get ready for dinner with La Roche Posay.

My first stop in New York was visiting the Alala Showroom and HQ. I've been a fan of Alala for some time now. I discovered them on Instagram and we've worked together on and off on some soft collaborations here and there. Denise, the owner is such a sweetheart and there's something so special about meeting the people who make the clothes you love that creates a stronger and deeper connection to the brand. She showed me around their office which has the most killer views of Manhattan and all the fun new things they have coming up in Fall 2017 which I'm dying to get my hands on. If you're looking to purchase anything on their site: GOJO15

Shortly after my Alala visit, I rushed off to lunch over at The Wild Son which is located at the edge of the Meat Packing District and conveniently located right next door to Brass Monkey. After a 6 hour flight and 3 hour time difference I wanted something wholesome and refreshing, so I ordered the Grain and Egg bowl with a side of bacon and avocado. I won't like I'm kinda dreaming of it right now. 

After checking into my room, I quickly headed to NoHo for a sweaty SoulCycle class with none other than Jera. Who if you haven't had the chance to follow this woman or know about her, let me give you an introduction to someone who I admire so much. I've watched Jera overcome one obstacle to the next to reach her dream of becoming a SoulCycle instructor and seeing her blossom has been such a treat. Michelle also joined us which was such a treat and she even introduced me to one of her favorite pizza spots in NYC, Prince St. Not the most ideal post workout meal, but one that I definitely needed. 

Thursday 04.13

One of my best friends Tonhya, who's an incredible photographer in NYC took me out for the evening. We danced, we told boys they couldn't buy our drinks, and we laughed till we fell asleep. 

Friday 04.14

After all the skincare talks at La Roche Posay we had a yummy lunch over at Untitled at the Whitney Museum, where I had a yummy and light halibut ceviche to counter balance all the libations from the night before. Which I'll have to say wasn't much, but man a 3 hour time difference makes a huge difference on how much your body can handle. 

Lunch was followed by a visit over to the S'well Bottle HQ, which if you've followed me for some time you'll know I'm obsessed with S'well Bottle! They were generous enough to continue filling my addiction and gifted me another set of 6 fun S'well bottles for the family. 

After all the hugs in the office and the laughter and the visits, I checked into the Ace Hotel for my final night in NYC. If you've never stayed at an Ace Hotel, I highly suggest you do. They've got several properties all over the US. It's a boutique hotel property known for its hipster cool vibes. I love staying at the Ace for its eclectic energy, love for music, art, and I just simply feel a little less "mom" like being there.  The reason why I chose the Ace was because I knew my stay in New York was short and in the event I wanted to go out for one last night I can just stumble downstairs to the lobby which also turns into a little bar and live music area. Plus I had a killer night view of the Empire State Building.

Le Labo Fragrances is also conveniently located at the Ace Hotel, which was not great for my wallet, but I picked up some amazing new fragrances and my new home fragrance Santal 26. It's to die for especially after an afternoon of meal prepping salmon in the oven. 

After a quick power nap, I headed over to Bar Moga for their Grand Opening and to meet Sarita for a few drinks before dinner with Lauren! I realized that the two times I've had the chance to meet Sarita we didn't have one photo together. In some ways I think its sort of a sweet thing because we simply enjoy the simplicity of our moments together. And even though we've only met twice, she's someone I feel as if I've known forever.

Lauren is one of those people whom I connected with instantly. When we discovered one another online on Instagram, we were just vibrating on the same frequency all the time. There were posts she would write and publish that I was like, "Man I feel you..." and vice versa. She took me to one of her favorite spots Marta, which apparently her parents go to quite frequently. 

Saturday 04.15

My last day in NYC and my only "free" time to myself without having to meet with any friends, meetings, or any of that sort. There were two things I wanted to do: go up the Empire State Building and walk the Brooklyn Bridge. And that I did. Since I spent most of my time taking Uber from one spot to the next, I decided to walk from Midtown to the Brooklyn Bridge, which was the best decision I made because it was my LISS and I got to enjoy some of the sights of New York.

I know I don't have very many stills of the New York City Skyline but I do hope you enjoy my first travel vlog on YouTube! 



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