Friends I'm so so so thrilled to be sharing this post. As many of you know I moved into my house at the end of January and it has felt like we have been decorating this space FOREVER despite having the help from the incredible design team, MacKenzie Collier Interiors. Ideally, we wanted to be finished decorating and furnishing our house by the end of April, but truthfully we didn't anticipate how designing/decorating adds up and our bank accounts quickly told us to slow our roll...but alas I get to show you the room I spend the most time in here at home. My office aka known as #josjungle thanks to my friend Minna who jokingly called my office when I filled this space quickly with plants before furniture.

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When Mackenzie and her team sat down with me to design my office she asked me things like: "What music do you listen to? What scents typically fill your home office? What inspires you?"  Answering those questions came easy for me and truthfully it excited me when we looked into these aspects of designing my workspace. Before any furniture filled the room I knew that I wanted to keep it relatively minimal with touches of boldness, lots of plants, and a space that inspired you to just dive into work without feeling distracted from all of the other tasks at home. 

Since I work from home nearly 80% of my time I wanted to feel like I could thrive in this space, but also not get too sucked in. So we thought why not design a space that can make you come alive, feel grounded, artistic, and always put one person's well being over their hustle. 

Below are the concept pages to my office. 

Concept pages designed by Mackenzie Collier Designs

Concept pages designed by Mackenzie Collier Designs

As I mentioned in an older blog post about our home we reached out to my friends at Mackenzie Collier Interiors to help with designing our new space. It was so helpful to have someone take all the design ideas we had and put it all together in a cohesive way. They offer this service called Room Service, basically a DIY design service where they provide all the resources, tools, and shopping lists to create the space of your dreams!

The awesome part is that you can go with everything they recommend to buy to fill your space or choose other things you fall in love, which we did for a few things. Their team is a definite must if you're looking to design a new space or revamp the space you're in.




I have a standing desk and I love it. It's a mechanical sit-stand desk that I got from Ikea for under $300. When I worked at VSCO we used adjustable standing desks and I knew I had to have it when we moved into #highwoodhaus.


Other standing desk options

the desktop clock is called Fliqlo. Download it here.

the desktop clock is called Fliqlo. Download it here.

I try my best to keep my desk minimal when I work. It helps me stay focused. Every day I work I diffuse Brainstorm, an essential oil blend from Saje Wellness into my AromaGem diffuser. It's a great blend that evokes balance and clarity. 


Music is another huge part of our home. Earlier this year we worked with Sonos on a project with Mindbodygreen and were gifted Sonos speakers as part of that collaboration and I LOVE IT! It's Alexa enabled which has been a huge help with voice-enabled meditation, having her give me the low down on my daily schedule, setting timers, and of course, playing music while I work.


Older homes like our 1962 Eichler have little quirks about them like not having a closet in my room due to the Jack and Jill bedroom design. So we needed storage for my nicknacks and excessive beauty products. Originally we were supposed to purchase an Urban Outfitter storage unit for my office, but found this glass metal Crate and Barrel Sideboard at the Crate and Barrel outlet in Tracy, CA for fractions of the cost. It's not the same exact one, but I saved my self some money and it was nearly identical to the one suggested to us in our design comps. 


Glass doors don't quite hide all my loose things so storage containers like the West Elm baskets are helpful.

This  lamp by West Elm  also has a USB port on the back to keep my tech charged!

This lamp by West Elm also has a USB port on the back to keep my tech charged!

On top of the storage unit, I've got a few things to help keep me grounded. Saje Wellness Ready to Roll roll on blends, my favorite candle from Otherland, and a Wood Block from Artifact Uprising hold 12 prints of family memories to help remind me why I hustle as hard as I do.  

Brass Hands Terrarium  gives a touch of playfulness to the workspace.  Handy incense holder  for moments when you need an extra set of hands.

Brass Hands Terrarium gives a touch of playfulness to the workspace. Handy incense holder for moments when you need an extra set of hands.

And of course PLANTS, LOTS OF PLANTS! 


In the corner of my office is a custom Mid Century chair from West Elm. I have always wanted a velvet green chair and my office was the perfect setting for it. I love that I can see my chair in the mirror while I work from my desk. It's like a reminder for me to take a break, put my feet up on the poof and disconnect momentarily from the computer screen. It's also a great place for guests to sit when they come visit me while I work.


Underneath you'll notice my meditation pillow gifted to me by Project Full, an SF Based company who makes organic meditation cushions that are minimal and uniquely designed. 

Every morning before I start my work day I roll out my yoga mat, meditation cushion, and meditation cards and get grounded. This helps keep my anxiety and stress levels under control. 



In our old house I worked out of this tiny corner of our bedroom. #upgrade My desk was by this tiny window and now I get wall length sliding door that floods the natural light and the most incredible energy. Not to mention it leads me right into my atrium where I take frequent fresh air breaks throughout the day.

looking up from my sliding door

looking up from my sliding door

Remember when I did a poll of Art Wall Gallery vs Wallpaper on Instagram? Yeah I'm SOOOO glad I went with the Keith Haring Wallpaper. I'm obsessed.





Links to all the Jo's Jungle goods below (except for the plants)

Alright, my friends! That's it for now. There's still more to come. Make sure to check back soon. We'll be working on a YouTube video of a home tour as soon as we've got all 5 rooms and the rest of the living spaces completely furnished! 

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