JUST ASK JO: What's your favorite matcha brand?

Continuing on with all the food related JUST ASK JO questions this week.



Hi! Would love to know what you use for your matcha overnight oats! Any preferred brands?




For my Matcha Green tea oatmeal recipe, I used Matcha Kari's Organic Superior Matcha which is tasty and really good! 


The Matcha Reserve sent me a mango matcha to try which I've been loving too, but there's something about matcha being flavored that I haven't quite wrapped my head around. I think because I love the taste of matcha green tea on its own. 





photo: Matchaeologist

photo: Matchaeologist

I recently bought three new matcha's to try from good old Amazon because #theinfluenceisreal. One that I picked up and have really liked so far is Matsu, ceremonial grade by Matchaeologist ($28) It has a smooth nutty flavor which I personally like. I remember reading the description which said "Intense with a mellow roasted flavour" and thought "sounds like the way I like my coffee, why not... (add to cart)." What I love about Matchaeologist is that they support smaller tea farmers and honor the traditional ritual with a modern perspective. It's a philosophy that speaks to my heart.


photo: Ippodo Tea USA

photo: Ippodo Tea USA

The other one I picked up is by Ippodotea, Smooth Kimmo No Mukasahi ($25). I've seen this brand floating around Instagram from several wellness bloggers and again #theinfluencesireal. I haven't had the chance to try it yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I do!





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