Hotel Nia Review - SF Bay Area Staycation

Everyone needs a little getaway, sometimes you escape from life in your own backyard. Hotel Nia my favorite Silicon Valley getaway for a staycation. The hotel is located in Menlo Park which is pretty central in San Francisco Bay Area. I discovered Hotel Via back in June when we collaborated for a little overnight stay. I remember pulling up to the property shocked with how gorgeous it looked from the outside.

We took off for Hotel Nia after ending a 3-day production at my house and it was literally the perfect little weekend getaway that the family needed. When you arrive at Hotel Nia you’re greeted with the best smiles and warmest welcomes. If you have an electric car or Tesla they also offer on-site charging which is amazing!


One of the things that I find so unique about Hotel Nia is the interior design. The hotel captures a modernist style accented by organic and natural materials, custom furniture, and thought-provoking artwork. (source)

The hotel features 250 guest rooms, 9 suites, including the Nia Suite, and 12 meeting rooms and event venues events. Unlike other hotel properties, Hotel Nia crafted over 12,000 feet of naturally lit indoor/outdoor event space.

The outdoor space is as charming as the interior. It’s rare to find a hotel property in the Bay Area that has this much charm and function when it comes to an outdoor space. I love it because sometimes you just want to escape your hotel room for a moment and breathe in a whole new experience. Hotel Nia has all these look nooks and crannies to do just that in their courtyard space.

I rarely getaway with the girls these days. It’s not that I don’t want them to come along with me on my adventures. It’s mostly that a lot of the work related travel I do is often times last minute, during the week, and we have to make sure we prioritize their school attendance. The other factor that makes it hard for us to travel is our pup Zoey. Hotel Nia is dog friendly and they were able to accommodate the size/weight of our boxer unlike other properties that might have size/weight guidelines.

If you’re bringing your furbaby, Hotel Nia offers incredible pet amenities such as in room dining for your pup and other snacks and treats like Stella & Chewy’s dog treats and Open Farm grass-fed Kefir. They even had Bowser Beer, a non alcoholic dog drink.

Porta Blu is the hotel’s on site restaurant showcasing a tasty Californian coastal cuisine using only high-quality local ingredients. They basically make food similar to the type of food I make at home which is awesome!

One of the amenities that seem to be a must for me when booking a hotel in the pool. I’m such a water baby and when our daughters travel with us they practically live in the pool especially when the weather is amazing. You can rent out the cabanas at Hotel Nia by letting the front desk staff know. You’ll want to reserve the cabanas at least 24 hours ahead or you can reserve the cabanas when you reserve your room. There’s a full-service bar and food options from Porta Blu so you don’t have to go hungry by the pool.

Hotel Nia has become my ultimate favorite staycation destination especially in the Bay Area. They impressed me the moment I walked in with their beautiful smiles, warm attitudes, good food, and the aesthetics and amenities they offer make it the perfect home away from home. I’m already planning our next little staycation at Hotel Nia during the holiday season just to get away and to have other people take care of me.


P.S. When you book your room at Hotel Nia, ask for the bikes and take them out for a ride.

Joanne E

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