How to Get the Kids Into a Back to School Routine

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School is back in session! As a Mom who works at home it’s been lovely to be able to spend flexible time with my girls at home for the summer. At the same time...I am so ready! I’m looking forward to everyone having a structured routine and my house being a little quieter during the day.

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I am excited for them though! Airis is heading in sophomore year and Olivia is going to be a fourth grader. We’re all getting a little anxious and excited. It’s time to start winding back into a routine that we can take with us into the new school year. 

We’re implementing this in 5 ways:

1. Tackle the Sleep Schedule (Morning & Bedtime)

The girls have been staying up past their regular school bedtime all summer which is totally fine with us. I have a teenager who sleeps in and a young one that gets up earlier, whatever works for them is fine with me. But when September comes around and they are both forced into the 7am wake up call it can be a stark adjustment which leads to tired and cranky kids, and a weakened immune system. No one wants to have sick kids after week one of school! 

I’m getting the girls back into a normal routine by slowly scaling bedtime back to their normal times. 9:00PM lights out for OIivia and since Airis is a teenager, she has a little more flexibility.

2. Back to School Shopping

A little back to school shopping is definitely motivating for everyone! It sets to tone for a fresh year. Whether you have boys that are pumped about the new sneakers or backpack, or girls that are into the new trends and perfect outfits, shopping will get everyone excited. 

Airis is coming into her own style and fashion sense and I love seeing her self expression come through as she gets older. She’s gotten into hoodies and classic sneakers like the adidas VI Court Sneakers.

Olivia seems to be picking up her style sense from me. She’s a bit sportier than Airis and loves to be in clothes she can easily run around in on the playground. We get typically like to pick her up an assortment of cotton t-shirts and she loves ones with graphics and positive messaging just like her mama. She’s often in joggers because it keeps her warm in the morning and its loose enough to keep her cool in the afternoon. The adidas Grand Court K unisex sneaker is one of her personal favorites becaues she can wear it with jeans and her athletic apparel. 

JCPenney is definitely a favorite in our household since they totally cover the bases with their trendy options and range of sizes for kids and adults. The prices for brand name items are hard to beat and we definitely find consistent price drops of 50% or more which makes it easy on the budget. You guys know I’m an adidas girl and they have so many sweet adidas options, I love seeing my girls rock the brand too. 

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3. Pick Up School Supplies

No one wants to be the kid in class on Day 1 without the crayons. Well maybe it’s not that big of a deal. You and the kids will most likely feel more at ease if you pick up the annual supplies in advance!


Don’t feel like everything needs to be new! For kids this can be a difficult conversation but talk with them about recycling, sustainability, and waste. Put a positive spin on their re-use! Empower them to go through their own teacher-provided supplies list, set out things they already have and highlight what they absolutely need.  

4. Establishing Their Morning Roles

Morning time can be hectic. Everyone is getting ready, eating breakfast while packing lunch, and the hubby and I are racing for the last cup of coffee or matcha. To help combat the chaos it’s important and totally fine to put some responsibility on your children! Make it clear what they are responsible for in the morning, obviously this will be age dependant. If you are used to making their lunches but you think they can tackle it on their own then maybe this year would be a great year to transition! 

shop these back to school looks  here

shop these back to school looks here

Let them know that you expect them to pack their lunch. Assure them that they you will be there to stock the fridge and pantry with healthy snacks and ingredients for them. 

Other roles and responsibilities might be: 

  • setting an alarm (the night before)

  • getting dressed (or setting out an outfit out the night before)

  • brushing teeth/hair before bed

  • putting away their own laundry


5. Write New (school) Year Resolutions Together

August and September months kind of feel like the New Year right?! The lax vibes of summer are coming to an end and many of us, whether in school or not, are ready for a fresh routine and anticipating the possibilities of the rest of the year. Sitting down with your kids and goal setting shouldn’t feel like a punishment or too serious, it’s a fun activity to allow them to do some introspection of their past school year and the year ahead. 


Setting goals can also help them stay on track throughout the year. If they miss the mark on something it’ll help open up a valuable conversation around it. Post the list in their bedroom so they can refer back to it as they progress. Then in January, the New Year would be a great time to reassess and write some new goals or intentions!


School is right around the corner or already here for some of you! I hope you have fun implementing some of these tips and getting back into the school routine in a sustainable way that makes the whole year run smoothly! Would love to hear your tips in the comments below!

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