Behind the Scenes Day 2: adidas XPRESSIVE 2019 campaign

Behind the Scenes Day 2: adidas XPRESSIVE 2019 campaign

Just like the first day, the second day was also broken up to parts. The morning was spent photographing 2 other talents in the different location before we moved onto another location to photograph me with the girls. By this time my cold was at its worst. In between takes I found myself closing my eyes and sipping on tea until they needed me for the photos.

One of the best things about being on set with the fam is being able to show them how much goes into a production. It creates a deeper sense of appreciation for the content we see in advertising, the movies we have grown to appreciate and even the work that their dad does for his photography business and for my blog.

The last few scenes of the shoot we moved into the house to capture shots of me hanging on a chair sipping on some tea while reading a book and hanging with the girls while working on my laptop. A scene that’s not too far off from life at home.

I love on-camera talent work. It gives me a chance to work with different people that I normally wouldn’t work with in my day to day life. It challenges me to think collaboratively and to use my voice especially when it comes to expressing my needs for the day. Something that I need more practice with especially since becoming a mom. Ya know everyone’s needs generally come before my own.

Do you love seeing the behind the scenes content? Let me know.

Behind the Scenes Day 1: adidas XPRESSIVE 2019 campaign

Behind the Scenes Day 1:  adidas XPRESSIVE 2019 campaign

It was May 2018, I got an email from someone I’ve worked with in the past at adidas for gifting products to me to try out, test, and provide feedback for. The email read, "Hi Jo,I finally have more details to share with you! We’d love to feature you in our SS19 Xpressive campaign for our Core line to launch in March 2019. Below is an overview of the campaign creative and product to be featured.” You can probably imagine my excitement and the emotions that I felt reading that email. I remember my hands shaking, my body trembling, and I was in shock with a bit of confusion trying to understand what that all meant. Was I going to be an adidas ambassador? What did they mean by featuring me in a campaign? Where is this all going to live? What does this mean? Why me? Why not me?

A Woman In Progress, Redefining GOFITJO

I’m back in NY in 3 days and I can’t believe it. 😬 I never started traveling as much as I do until last year and I’m so grateful that a large majority of it is because of my blog and opportunities via social media.


A few nights ago my teenage daughter looked at me while we were having dinner and said, “Mom, I’m so proud of you. I remember a few years ago when you had no motivation in anything. And to see what you’ve done not only with your health, but everything else is great.” **insert all the tears** 2018 was not an easy year for me despite what you’ve seen on the gram. We moved this year to a new city, new home, my daughters had to make new friends, work dramatically shifted for me, and I’m finding myself in yet another state of “what do I want to do next with my career? How do I level up for me and family?”

As many of you know when I lost my 9-5 job in 2016 I immediately jumped back into school to get my health and nutrition coaching certification. My coaching practice has always been focused on helping women redefine health and strengthen the relationship that have with themselves. What I didn’t anticipate was so many of my coaching calls were more deeply rooted in personal development and relationships. I guess it makes sense when all I want to do is help people live life as their best selves and to be in love with the person they are becoming. Which is why the entire term #womaninprogress has been engrained in my heart and mind all year long. We are all a work in progress and a beautiful masterpiece all at once.

Change is hard and I don’t think society makes it easy for us to acknowledge that. This year has been a fucking rollercoaster ride for me. I’ve shed many tears of happiness and many tears of frustration, fear, and sadness. I felt like I lost my desire to exercise as much because of how much emotional stress I’ve been under and often times the feeling of imposter syndrome runs through my veins. I’ve shifted a lot of my focus into making sure that my family is well taken care of especially because my husband has been dealing with his own set of personal growth challenges which has taken a toll on his business as well. All this to say I feel like there are times where I’m crumbling between my own finger tips.

What keeps me going? I’m a woman in progress. A woman who is in the process of learning to know, accept and love herself on all levels: Mind, Body and Spirit. A woman who, because she focuses on personal growth and self awareness, experiences a life increasingly filled with peace, love, joy, passion and fun. A woman that understands that she has unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants. A woman who is inspired to give to those around her, a sense of gratitude and abundance.

Being in progress never feels easy. There’s this internal struggle I feel sometimes with my thoughts and what I want to present to the world. Mainly because I’m still in the process of processing those thoughts and haven’t arrived to any clear conclusion that I felt would make sense to people reading or understanding. Dare I say I feared judgement. Even writing that feels icky and gross because here I am constantly wanting to guide you through standing strong against judgement. None the less I’m only human and as a human I still have feelings and emotions and its messy and beautiful all at the same time.


I guess I’m sharing this with you all because I was having this deep conversation with my daughter this morning about growth, life, relationships, travel, and work. She expressed the pride she felt for herself to have overcome such an emotional challenge year having to switch schools and make new connections. As she and I were talking about life, I couldn’t help but borrow some of that feeling of pride she had for herself and look inwards at my own life over the past year. Yes, there has been some difficult moments and moments I felt like a failure. At times I’ve felt very weak mentally and physically, but overall I’ve overcome a great deal this past year.

An area I feel like I failed miserably was taking my readers along this year of growth and change. I think mostly because I feared what it would look like to you all once I started to shift my focus to all the primary foods in our lives: relationships, spirituality, career, and physical activity rather than writing or sharing about nutrition and meal prep tips. Would people be receptive to this growth mindset that I’ve adopted into all areas of my life?

A lot of this change happened back in 2016 when Instagram curated my Best of Nine for that year and all that was selected were progress photos. I remember thinking to myself I AM MORE than just progress photos. There's so much more to GOFITJO than someone who works out for aesthetics or weight loss. Life's challenges comes in different shapes and sizes and creating the best moments in your life is up to you. I hope as I get back to some of my roots of writing from the heart that you’ll join me along for the journey. I have no idea where its going to take me, but I do know that I’m bringing you along my journey of a woman in progress.


What does this all mean for my blog?

For almost half the year of 2018 I was going back and forth on rebranding, a completely silly idea considering that I had just rebranded my blog with Go Live HQ in October 2017. What I think it means is that as a reader you’ll still see my journey with using fitness as a tool to help me get my life together, to help me gain inner strength for my challenges, and to help me keep my anxiety and depression under control. But what I think it also means is that I’ll start to open up other areas in my life to you with a bit more of a raw and unfiltered take getting back to inviting you to the depths of my thoughts as I explore the different areas of women’s wellbeing and health such as emotional wellbeing, relationships, and dare I say, sexual health!

What I’ve learned in 2018 is that so much of our well-being as women is deeply rooted in the areas that we’re just getting comfortable talking about. When I opened up about my marriage and its ups and downs on Instagram and my blog, I got a huge wave of response from my audience. That blog post was the most read blog post in 2018 and I was shocked. I’ve always believed that how we approach our relationships in life whether they be romantic, professional, or personal is a direct reflection of the relationship we have within ourselves. And the relationship we have with ourselves directly affect our mental, emotional, and physical health.

There’s so much to unpack with direction and its exciting for me and extremely scary as well. I think from a society standpoint we’re still learning to define what health means to us on an individual level. Now I’m throwing a whole set of unconventionally discussed topics to the table to bring in a much more expansive discussion on health. I’m excited. It feels right, but also so damn scary.

I’d love to hear your thoughts either in the comments below or on Instagram.

How to manifest your own reality

Did you know that you have the ability to manifest your own reality?

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The first time someone told me this several years ago I thought “ummm go somewhere with that woo woo...” 🙅🏽‍♀️ But the last couple of years has really taught me to open up my mind, heart, and whole self to the idea that manifesting our desired reality is possible and it starts with conscious decisions. As I sit here on set I can’t help but think about the steps I used to manifest my dreams and I wanted to share them with you.⠀⠀⠀⠀

1. Have a vision.

You don’t have to know the exact plans, but have a vision for what you desire and get specific. Last year I wrote a list of goals: personal and professional that were extremely specific. So write down 10-20 specific things you desire. These can be little dreams or big dreams. Me personally, I like to think expansively and large and tend to write down dreams that are out there, after-all anything is possible.

2. Ask the universe.

Meditation and prayer are definitely keys to having a clear line to the universe, our highest selves, God, or whatever you believe in, but what I mean about asking the universe is to talk bravely about your goals or dreams. We often times keep our dreams to ourselves because of fear of judgment. It’s vulnerable to share our desires, but the ability to speak openly and bravely about desires gives the universe an opportunity to help align you and your goals with the right people or experiences that can help you get to what you desire.

3. Get intentional about your actions.

Work towards your vision even if you don’t have the exact plan. When you get focused and intentional, you tell energy where to go. While there’s nothing wrong with getting distracted from time to time, keep in mind our dreams require a certain amount of energy. Ask yourself where is my energy being directed to?

4. Trust the process and have a strong belief in your desires.

We all have self-doubt, no one is immune to it. But if you lack the belief in your dreams even by one bit then chances are you’re blocking your own manifestation. Dig deep and try to understand where the self doubt is coming from or where it stems from so that you can change it.

5. Be grateful and keep your vibrations high!

Gratitude keeps us in a present state of mind when we’re actively working towards our desires. This is so important because every step you take towards your desires is a growth opportunity to learn from. Some lessons or challenges may not work out the way we expected, but it can keep your vibrations high by focusing on gratitude then you can stay unattached to the outcome.


Hope these help you manifest your dreams. But now I’m curious what steps do you use to manifest your own. Share them with me in the comments below.

JUST ASK JO: How Do I Balance Blogging and Family Life


First, Ive been following you for awhile—I absolutely love your mission and passion you have for what you do and how much love you have for your family. Truly inspiring!

Secondly, I am a new mama and have recently started blogging, but I am having such trouble keeping my motivation to work on it (mostly because of being so focused on my sweet baby). I was wondering if you had any advice on balancing your work and family life, and how to stay motivated? 

Much love and thanks, 



The ever so elusive question of balancing work and family life. First off, congrats on your blog. I know the excitement it feels to start jotting down thoughts, writing, and creating content that comes from the heart. It’s overwhelming at times especially when it begins to feel like you’re just standing in a dust storm trying to make sense of it all. Balance can feel like the same thing which is why I believe in harmony and taking things one day at a time.

The focus and motivation to work on my blog, create content, and to write ebb and flow. It’s probably one of the largest struggles that bloggers rarely talk about. If you’re like me than writing is a form of therapy and can almost be cathartic. Sometimes in your own writing you get overwhelmed add that with family life it’s a perfect cocktail for chaos.


So here are some tangible things you can do to help balance out work/family life:

Create a schedule that works for you

If you’re freelancing, work for yourself, or have the flexibility to work from home at your 9-5 make sure to create a schedule that works for you, your work, and your family. Since working for myself I’ve adopted a 10AM - 6PM work day on most days and I love it!

My ideal day typically looks like this:

  • 6:00AM - wake up

  • 6:30AM - go to the gym

  • 8:00AM - get back home. Hubs takes kids to school (Jonathan took on the role of stay-at-home dad when he went full time with his photography business over 8 years ago. So a lot of the drop off/pick up routines are still managed by him)

  • 9:00AM - breakfast/catch up with the hubs on the day

  • 9:30/10:00AM - start my work day

  • 12:00PM - lunch AWAY FROM MY DESK!

  • 6:00PM - dinner time

  • 7:00PM - unplugged hang time with the fam. This is so important to us and something we do our best to uphold.

  • 10:00PMish - bedtime and rinse and repeat

Set boundaries!!!

I cannot stress how important creating boundaries are for work/life balance. Boundaries are not walls. Boundaries are doors and you have the option and choice to open those doors whenever you want/need to in order to adjust to life’s constant changes. For me, boundaries aren’t actually put into place for the family, they are actually in place because I tend to be a work-a-holic and this helps me to keep my harmony while juggling both work and family.

One boundary that is pretty strict for me is the amount of time I spend working. I try really hard not to put in more than 30-35 hours a week of active work time. As a blogger/social media influencer I often get invited to social gatherings and that’s all part of the role of marketing. I also roll that time up into my work week so I don’t feel like I’m a complete slave to my work.

The other boundary that’s relatively firm is the day(s) I take coaching sessions with clients. Typically those days are Tuesday and Thursday and it really works well for me to keep that consistent.

The not so tangible…

Creative Motivation

The motivation needed to focus on work can be really difficult when you have young kids and all you want to do is hang with the babes. Listen to your instincts! If right now your focus is on your sweet baby then let it be. They are only little for a small period of time. But if you’re really looking to find motivation to write and work on your blog then maybe blocking out time to focus on two days of blogging/writing is what might work best.

Motivation can both be found external and internal. External motivation is when someone behaves in a way that is outside of that person. It often comes from parents, boss, coworkers, family, and salary or promotion (advancement). Internal motivation engages in a behavior that is personally motivating. Identifying which motivation is fueling your desire to work on your blog could be the first step to breaking out of this work slump you’re experiencing.

Celebrate the small wins!

Once you’ve broken out that slump, make sure to celebrate you. This helps create positive reinforcement to the steps you’re making towards your blogging/work goals. Celebrate even if the step happens to be opening your laptop, writing a few words, and closing it 20 minutes later. Celebrate the small wins, this applies to every area of your life.

Give yourself grace

This by far is my most important tip on regaining motivation in any area of life. Discipline gets you started on the journey, grace and self love keeps you going. Life is going to get messy and motivation, creativity, and the desire to pour into your hustle will ebb and flow. Don’t beat yourself up too much. Each area in life has a season and just like seasons they come and go.

Hope this helps!