A Day Trip: The Sandman Hotel, Santa Rosa's Best Kept Secret

A Day Trip: The Sandman Hotel, Santa Rosa's Best Kept Secret

24 hour getaways are like mini vacations for the mind and soul. They are like little tiny pockets to hide away in when the world is getting a little too rough on the edges. This year I didn’t travel as much as the previous years because I was knee deep leveling up in my career and getting my life coach certification and truthfully I’m feeling the pangs from it. Travel is one of those things that light my soul on fire and its honestly good for my personal wellbeing. This year instead of indulging on larger getaways I fed my hunger for travel with little 24 hour staycations.

A Day Trip: San Francisco to Sonoma

A Day Trip: San Francisco to Sonoma

I’m a huge fan of day trips. It’s a chance to get away to a destination that’s right in your backyard. Sometimes we don’t get to discover some of the hidden treasures just outside of our home city because we’re so busy planning out adventures that require extensive transport and advanced detailing. Everyone deserves a mini-break from their lives, even if it is only 24 hours.

My Travel Essentials

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. We moved into our new house, move to a new city, the girls transferred to new schools and we're just finally finding our groove back in our new space. Somehow it feels as if we finally found this feeling of home and happiness that most people talk about. Sadly, shortly after moving into our dream home I've hit the most amount of travel I've done in a month.

With all this travel coming up I was packing up some of my must-haves and quickly realized there are a few things that I cannot leave home without. 


This might be super silly but I feel more at home when something familiar hits my sense of smell and for me that's my shower/bath time essentials. I recently became obsessed with Le Labo Fragrances, Santal 33 is my jam. Soulcycle recently collaborated with Le Labo and came out with this amazing gift set, which has now been in my bag any time I leave home.  



I love the sun and thankfully my complexion can soak it in. But lately, as I've started to age I've noticed that the sun and I aren't as close as friends as we used to be. My snowboarding trip last weekend was a reminder that I need to always carry a good sunblock with me. I recently got turned on to Supergoop. Supergoop makes this really awesome setting mist that sets your make up and includes an SPF 50. Perfect for touch ups on the go.



My body has been craving a lot more gentle movement rather than super intense sweat induced exercise. I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting older or because I've begun to shift my thinking into exercise being an optional action, but movement an essential one. I love to stretch my body after a flight or long road trip which is where my yoga strap comes in. I use the Align Strap from Manduka, but honestly, any yoga strap will do. Not pictured are a set of resistance bands that I love using. My go to are from a brand called X-bands that I do with this booty workout. 


Eating healthy while traveling can be a challenge. Airport food is rarely nutritious or good for you and of course, one airport meal won't set you back drastically. However, packing a few healthy options like fresh fruit, veggies, or even a meal will help keep you on track. I love packing proteins bars as my in-flight option.  A few of my favorites lately have been Perfect Bar and GoMacro. Both are made with simple ingredients and packed with lots of flavor.  


5. MY


I often travel without my husband and kids for work which is often the perfect opportunity for me to spend some time planning, writing, and reflecting. 


One of the best things about working for yourself is the flexibility you have to create your own schedule, but one of the downfalls is that you typically start your business as a team of one and you're always working nonstop. I love my Away luggage because it comes with a portable USB charger. During the holidays they release a mini Away luggage which was perfect for all my cords, chargers, and everything I need to keep my tech alive and strong!

What are some of the things you can't leave home without?