EAT // Protein Waffles

Shot and edited with VSCO Cam

Shot and edited with VSCO Cam

Sunday brunch is in full effect protein style! 

Often times the mis-belief about "clean" eating is that its flavorless or boring. I love cooking, its one of my passions. I view it as a craft, a work of art. I have mad respect for chefs because they are using techniques they have learned mixing it with unique ingredients and flavors to create mouth watering poetry. Like anything in life you just have to care enough to learn, expand your knowledge, and give it a try. I've had many meals come out wrong and others that I've mastered in one shot. Don't be afraid to fail in both cooking and exercising! Failing is part of finding success.


2 slices of Daves Killer Bread

1 scoop of cake batter Muscle Gauge Nutrition protein powder (you can use any vanilla flavored protein powder)

1 cup of egg whites

2 tbsp of cinnamon

4 drops of English Toffee Stevia

1/4 cup of strawberries *optional

1. Mix powder, cinnamon, stevia, and eggs together in blender or bowl. Pour it into a baking dish.

2. Soak bread slices into the mixture.

3. Heat up a cast iron skillet or nonstick skillet, spray with coconut oil and "toast" the bread.

You will have extra mixture that you can pour right over the top of the bread in the pan. Enjoy!

DO // Just start

By Encarnacion Photography

By Encarnacion Photography

I frequently get messages from people asking me "how to get started" or "what did you do to start?" I wish the answer was just as simple as "Just Start" and in some truths it is.

My fitness journey was a beginning to an end of years of self hate and depression. At 15 I was diagnosed with depression. In my teens I battled days of highs and lows and thoughts of suicide. As an adult I slowly swept a lot of these emotions under the rug as I started to piece my grown up life together. The moment I became a mother nearly 11 years ago, my body image changed. Naturally I gained weight due to my pregnancy, but months of working out and dieting got me no where near to what I was pre-baby. I gained 15lbs of which I couldn't lose. That feeling of failure began the snowball affect that lead me to the start. After my 2nd daughter was born make changes occurred, but health and fitness became the least of my concerns as a married mother of 2. I had a full time career, a business I owned with my husband, and a social/business life I was trying to maintain. The creative lifestyle of a wedding photographer is one that involves tons of food, wedding cake, wine, and lots of cocktail networking events. Needless to say I lost balance and control of my eating and spiraled into an out of shape, overweight version of myself.

Over the years I covered up this depression fairly well, but there were moments I would be hiding in my closet or in bed crying because I hated myself, I was so disappointed in myself. At the time I didn't know why until I was getting ready with my oldest daughter. She complimented me on how pretty I looked and I immediately snapped back at her telling her I was ugly and fat! The look on her face is one I will never forget. I just crushed her world and truth she knew about the one woman who stood for everything she believed in. The pain in her eyes was exactly what I needed to see in order to realize what was driving me to this unhappiness.

It was then when I reached out to someone I knew who hired a fitness coach. Now I've had trainers in the past, but none that gave me nutritional and fitness guidance. Those two things paired together equal the results you want to achieve. There's no magic pill, no quick fix, no 30 day solution. This entire thing was hard work. I have definitely wanted to give up, quit, and run back to some of my old lifestyle. But I knew that in doing that I would again lose a part of me that I was trying to gain, my self-confidence.

The reasons why people start their fitness journey are always different for the person themselves, but often times the why is what sets the motion for how. For me, I took one step, one leap of faith into the unknown. I started not having a weight loss goal, I set no expectation for myself, except that I wanted to be better than I was yesterday and stronger for tomorrow. So with that mindset I just went for it, I continued to go for it, and now I refuse to quit.

You may ask me how to start, my answer may be as simple as "just start."


Weekend Warrior Fitness Camp

I'm so excited to announce one of my many firsts for 2015. I'll be hosting a fitness bootcamp with my dear #SWOLESISTER Helen Dang of Imago Fitness Studio.

Join us as we give you a fun fitness focused weekend full of learning:

  • Learn how to properly use weight lifting equipment

  • Enjoy a spin class hosted by The Dailey Method Cycle

  • Inform yourself on making healthy nutrition choices

  • Receive and prep a custom meal plan for the weekend

Main Location: 

919 The Alameda, San Jose, CA


Friday January 16th @ 6pm: introduction and camp orientation. This night we all gather to discuss our fitness goals, journeys, struggles, and hopes coming out of this camp. We get to know one another and learn about the importance a of fueling our bodies for active living.

Saturday January 17th 8am -4pm: expect two sweaty resistant weight training sessions on in the AM and PM. You'll be learning all the fundamentals of weight training, using weights, and working out. An afternoon hike in beautiful Los Gatos hills.

Sunday January 18th 8am - 1pm: your last resistant weight training session in the morning. Guest speaker from Active Nutrition, who will give us the low down on supplementation and its impact on fitness goals. An invigorating spin class hosted by our friends at The Dailey Method. 

The cost is $350 per person, but enroll before 12/31/2014 and get $50 OFF your enrollment fee. 

Start the 2015 strong with a like minded community working together towards a healthier life. 

For more details and where to enroll please visit http://www.imagofit.com/imagofitnesscamp.


EAT: Cheat Clean Cookies

Its exactly 3 months till my first NPC competition and I have 6 days left of "clean cheating". I was craving warm home made cookies, but I'm doing my best to stay away from sugars, butter, and gluten. All the fun stuff I used to make my home made chocolate chip cookies. So today I decided that I was going to take my delicious Quest Protein to a whole new level.

I took my two favorite flavors Cookies and Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, broke them up into 3 pieces and smashed them into a cookie shape.


Then I baked them at 350 degrees for 5-7 minutes.

And VOILA!!! Clean Cheat Cookies! Such the perfect way to #CheatClean while you're #OnaQuest!