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U.S. Virgin Islands, The Perfect Getaway

It’s funny when the travel bug bites because the moment it does I think it’s natural to start looking for the next travel destination before you even have the chance to get back home and settled from your most recent adventure. It’s at least the case for me and as I sit thinking about my upcoming trip to Mexico with one of my best friends, and San Diego for a family getaway, I can’t help but plan for a bigger adventure next year. Not to mention it’s summer time and every time I scroll on Instagram someone’s enjoying the beach somewhere in the world. 

photo by  @witherin

photo by @witherin

Although I haven’t had the chance to travel much to the ends of the world yet (thanks to making babies at an early stage in life), I’ve always looked forward to the idea of traveling the world when my kids are a little older. Both with and without them. One of the things that has always been on my top 10 was to travel to the Caribbean and after seeing one of my friend’s recent trips, I started to do a little bit of research on the U.S. Virgin Islands and decided that this would have to be some place I needed to escape to at some point in my life. 

There are three main islands that make up the U.S. Virgin Islands: St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas and each has its own unique character. My husband is a bit of a history buff and the fact that St. Croix was the island that Christopher Columbus sailed through would be enough for him to want to go and explore and learn more about what the islands went through in order to become who they are today. One thing that we love to on vacation is eat, but we love a little bit more of an eclectic and educational dining experience such as the one we had at O’o Farms in Maui. While searching up the dining scene in St. Croix I found this Ridge to Reef Slow Down Dinner experience. I’m a huge farm-to-table fan and I love being able to learn about the bio-individuality of food cultures from all over the world. It’s a great way to learn more about sustainable living and healthy eating from different perspectives.

Photo by @ genevievehope

Photo by @genevievehope

Last year we had the chance to go to Kauai for the first time and one of the things that everyone had mentioned to me prior to our trip was that the island was really untouched and it’s not as busy as Oahu or Maui, which we frequently visit. I’ll admit after hearing that from friends I was worried that I’d get bored or not enjoy myself as much, but there’s something about the stillness that every busy woman needs from time to time. St. John seems very similar to that. It’s got a laid back vibe, pristine beaches, and tons of snorkeling. Which the entire family and I LOVE to do. 

If you’re not into water adventures there’s also a ton of hiking you can do to keep your vacation active. There are several trails you can hike on that range from short easy trails to more difficult all day adventures. Two of the trails that peek my interest are the Reef Bay Trail and the Cinnamon Bay Nature Loop.  

St. Thomas is the more cosmopolitan island out of the three. It’s known for its thriving nightlife and packed events calendar. It’s the gateway isle of the U.S. Virgin Islands with one of the most visited harbors in the world. Despite being only 32 square miles there’s still tons of adventure including the Skyride which takes you 700 ft up above the town of Charlotte Amalie for some of the most breathtaking views. 

photo by @ gabyerice

photo by @gabyerice

photo by @heatheradamcewicz

photo by @heatheradamcewicz

My perfect getaway requires a whole lot of sun, beautiful beaches, great food, and a little bit of snorkeling. What does your perfect getaway include? 

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