Behind the Scenes Day 2: adidas XPRESSIVE 2019 campaign

Behind the Scenes Day 2: adidas XPRESSIVE 2019 campaign

Just like the first day, the second day was also broken up to parts. The morning was spent photographing 2 other talents in the different location before we moved onto another location to photograph me with the girls. By this time my cold was at its worst. In between takes I found myself closing my eyes and sipping on tea until they needed me for the photos.

One of the best things about being on set with the fam is being able to show them how much goes into a production. It creates a deeper sense of appreciation for the content we see in advertising, the movies we have grown to appreciate and even the work that their dad does for his photography business and for my blog.

The last few scenes of the shoot we moved into the house to capture shots of me hanging on a chair sipping on some tea while reading a book and hanging with the girls while working on my laptop. A scene that’s not too far off from life at home.

I love on-camera talent work. It gives me a chance to work with different people that I normally wouldn’t work with in my day to day life. It challenges me to think collaboratively and to use my voice especially when it comes to expressing my needs for the day. Something that I need more practice with especially since becoming a mom. Ya know everyone’s needs generally come before my own.

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Behind the Scenes Day 1: adidas XPRESSIVE 2019 campaign

Behind the Scenes Day 1:  adidas XPRESSIVE 2019 campaign

It was May 2018, I got an email from someone I’ve worked with in the past at adidas for gifting products to me to try out, test, and provide feedback for. The email read, "Hi Jo,I finally have more details to share with you! We’d love to feature you in our SS19 Xpressive campaign for our Core line to launch in March 2019. Below is an overview of the campaign creative and product to be featured.” You can probably imagine my excitement and the emotions that I felt reading that email. I remember my hands shaking, my body trembling, and I was in shock with a bit of confusion trying to understand what that all meant. Was I going to be an adidas ambassador? What did they mean by featuring me in a campaign? Where is this all going to live? What does this mean? Why me? Why not me?

Fall adidas Avenue A box

Subscription boxes are so much fun. It's like Christmas at different times of the year. One of my personal favorites happens to be Avenue A by adidas. This Fall 2016 box slays this season's subscription boxes and comes with pieces that are quickly becoming my favorites. 

This season's Avenue A box came with pieces that are normally not ones I would gravitate to, but pieces that are quickly climbing to the tops of my favorite's chart. 


Avenue A costs $150 and for that price you get at least 3 premium pieces, a mixture of top, bottom, accessories, and shoes. It's such a great value and I've been really happy with the selections I've gotten so far. 

The Z.N.E. Hoodie has been one of the most loved this season and seen everywhere on Instagram. I love the fabric that its made in, a super light weight durable combination of cotton and polyester which is perfect for those fall SF Bay Area nights. 

Click here for details on how to sign up for the adidas Avenue A subscription box. The best thing is if you'e not happy with it you can cancel at any given time. BUT...I don't see that happening. 

Many thanks to adidas women for gifting me this box and as usual these opinions are my own. 

photography by Encarnacion Photography


Avenue A | adidas

Growing up I lusted over adidas. I never owned a pair of Superstars because as a kid I simply wasn't cool enough and let's be real, my parents were just not willing to shell out that kind of money for me on things that were simply "trendy" in their eyes. Little did they know that Superstars would make it back into the scene stronger than ever in the world of athleisure wear.

adidas recently launched Avenue A, a new subscription program that ships out each quarter and contains a curated box of goodies. The box is curated by top athletes and trainers from all over the world and Adidas delivers you an entire outfit geared towards performance and style. The one outfit I'm rocking is from the Spring 2016 box which is their first one which included a pair of their new PureBoost X, a sports bra, a packable jacket, leggings, and this incredible Stella McCartney bag that I absolutely adore.  The subscription is $150 per box and you get 4 boxes for the year. To learn more head on over to:

Many thanks to adidas for gifting me the spring Avenue A selection. I can't wait to see what else you have in store!