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When you have a bazillion things on your to-do list it’s easy to push aside the time you need to take care of yourself and your health. But it’s not only important for your health to carve out a little bit of time to move your body, it’s actually essential to boosting your productivity. Along with exercise being a really great productivity tool, its can help reduce stress, give you clarity, and help you focus on that never ending to-do list.

In the beginning of the year I partnered with barre3 on their B3 All In Challenge, which was incredible because it really allowed me to think and reflect on my intentions of health and exercise in 2017. One of the things that I discovered in my partnership was B3 Online, a workout library collection of over 300+ workouts. One of the the things that I loved about their online workouts was unlike other apps they release a new 30 minute workout each week so that you’re not repeating the same exact format each week, perfect for someone who loves variety, like me!

Another thing that I love is that you don’t need much space. I work from home these days and my preferred workout space lately has been this small space right in front of my bed and my computer. It’s my preferred space because I can quickly de-stress through a workout and jump back onto that monster to do list.

A few other things you’ll find in B3 Online:

  • Healthy Recipes for easy meal planning such as this tasty Vegetable Frittata
  • An expert-lead community board who’s there to guide you through your journey.
  • 14-Day Fulfillment Workshop created in partnership with Jason Wachob, co-founder of MindBodyGreen. The 14-day plan is filled with a delicious and seasonal meal plan, recommended workouts, and my personal favorite, journaling prompts.


The beauty about B3 Online is that you can do it anywhere and with summer just around the corner I’m taking B3 Online with me while I travel to make sure that I can carve out time for a quick workout before adventuring off to wherever I go. You can try B3 Online for 15 days for free by signing up here.


I’m teaming up with barre3 to offer you guys an incredible giveaway:

1 year subscription to B3 Online

A travel props kit and resistance band

A limited edition barre3 tank

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This post was sponsored by barre3 and I was compensated to write this post, but all the opinions are 100% my own.  

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Kick Starting 2017 In a Healthy and Balanced Way

This tail end of the year I’ve been working on trying to define what fitness means to me. Since day 1 it has always been to become a healthier version of myself in my 30s. But as I continued on my fitness journey, I evolved. My intention stayed the same but I picked up little goals along the way. I competed in my first NPC Bikini Competition and continued to train for 2 years for a few more. 2016 was the first year I didn’t have the goal to step on stage for another competition. As I look back now at all the training I did for these competitions I realized how out of balance my life would be to try to commit to a sport like that in 2017. During my years of training for competitions I didn’t have the time or the energy to try out different workout classes because of the intensity of focus needed for the training. So in 2017, one of my goals is to have fun trying new fitness classes and trying different ways to move my body.

I’m partnering up with Barre3 to help kick start some of these goals I have in 2017.  Starting January 9th, barre3 is starting a 4 week guided program called B3 ALL IN,  that I’m excited to join. As you know I’m currently enrolled at Institute of Integrative Nutrition and was stoked to see Dr. Frank Lipman, one of the doctors who is part of my curriculum, played a key role in developing the program. The B3 ALL IN Handbook is FREE for all studio members and B3 Online subscribers and you have access to the Digital Community Board guided by some of the industry’s top wellness experts.

I spent some time yesterday during the afternoon digging through the handbook and was happy to see that the program is not a bootcamp or another crash diet, a concern I have when learning about any type of “program” that is put out there in the heath and fitness community. B3 ALL IN’s goal is to help inspire people to live a healthy, strong, and balanced life. 

To join me in B3 ALL IN, you can buy a barre3 Online Plus subscription or join a barre3 studio near you and if you head to any of the Bay Area locations let me know, I'd love to come join you!

My  BBG Sisters  joined me for some barre3:  @fitleelou ,  @jenbonifacio ,  @diapersnbbg . Thanks ladies for driving the distance to join me for some sweat and shakes. 

My BBG Sisters joined me for some barre3: @fitleelou, @jenbonifacio, @diapersnbbg. Thanks ladies for driving the distance to join me for some sweat and shakes. 

barre3 Willow Glen location in San Jose, CA  which also includes day care, if you need to bring your kiddies in during your sweat session.

barre3 Willow Glen location in San Jose, CA which also includes day care, if you need to bring your kiddies in during your sweat session.

As someone who loves to primarily weight train as their exercise this is going to be a fun challenge for me. In weight training or body building a lot of the focus is on the larger muscle groups while the smaller stabilizer muscles are often neglected. I’m excited to feel the difference in my body as I round out my regular training with barre.