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Hilton Aruba Wellness Travel Hotel Review

Hilton Aruba Wellness Travel Hotel Review

I was lucky enough to be able to experience some of the wellness offerings at Hilton Aruba, one of the 10 hotel resorts that Hilton has to offer in the Caribbean. It was my first visit to Aruba and although I didn’t have much time to plan for this trip there were plenty of things to do on the hotel property and in the surrounding area that gave me a chance to explore and fulfill all the areas of my personal wellness journey that’s important to me.

Nana Joes Granola, sweetened by love.

First off I feel like it's been so long since I've written on this blog. I've been spending a lot of time trying to catch up with my studying, running around from one event to the next, and juggling all the usual crazy madness of the life I love! 

I wanted to take some time to highlight a brand that I recently discovered and completely fell in love with, Nana Joes. A few weeks ago the amazing folks reached out and sent me a few bags of granola to try! It was perfect timing too because that day I was ready to make my own and lo and behold a box of goodies shows up at my feet! Being a foodie who's taste buds have had the pleasure of dining from the finest restaurants and meeting the Chefs who've created some of my favorite meals, seeing the kitchen where Nana Joes was created was an incredible honor. There's nothing more touching to me than the authenticity and integrity that goes behind food that I eat. It becomes more than just nourishing calories, it turns into soul food. 

The first thing that I noticed about Nana Joes granola when I first looked at the packaging were the real ingredients. Everything the ingredients were things I can pronounce and there was no added sugar, which is key for sustainable energy. 

As she shared the stories with me about her family and her personal experience with health it dawned on me how similar our lives are. And how much we all have in common. It was such a beautiful realization and something I cherished from my experience. 

Below are photos from my quick little visit. Nana Joes is a woman owned and operated business. It wasn't the intention for Michelle, but it has been that since she opened it and its something she cherishes. 

Check out Nana Joes online, you can also find some at select Whole Foods.  

10 Ways to Dress Yourself in Self Love

10 Ways to Dress Yourself in Self Love

Self-love seems to be a really popular term these days especially when it comes to social media. #Selflove and #SelfCareTime seems to be the number one thing, besides balance in life, that people are striving to find these days. According to the dictionary, self love is regard to one’s own well-being and happiness. Sometimes, it’s confused with being narcissistic or loving yourself above all else without the regard for others. I believe that self-love is one of the most important things we can practice and its often the one that is most neglected. We all deserved to be loved, not only by others around you, but most importantly — YOU.