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Relentlessly Beautiful Life

As I started to lay down the words I couldn’t help but cry, the word relentless has been one I used to describe my efforts in life after my previous CEO and I had a conversation about the transformation he saw in me as a leader at the company. He mentioned my relentless drive to be better not because I was out to prove to someone that I was, but because I was out to prove to myself that I can become more. He said that putting my health first was the best thing I did for myself, my family, and for his company as an employee. It’s a day that I’ll truly never forget.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Relentlessly Beautiful over the course of the past few years has taken on so many different means. When I attach the word “LIFE” to it, I think about what we are all trying to do as human beings which is to create the life we want to live. #relentlesslybeautifullife for me is that simple reminder to keep growing, pushing, and defining success in all that we do. Society tells us that success equals financial wealth. But for me I define my success by the amount of joy I’m having in pursuing my passions.

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm half way done with school and I can finally see the finish line at Institute of Integrative Nutrition. It's been a crazy ride to say the least since day one and its definitely not something I ever imagined myself doing. So thanks for coming along. 

I have a soft launch of my coaching website which you can go to by clicking here and I'm thrilled to co-create a successful and healthy life with you! 

I can't help but laugh at the photo above because I always joked that I needed my desk to be next to a bathroom since I drink so much water throughout the day. Looks like dreams do come true!

Last Friday I was featured on some the YGTG. You Got This, Girl is an empowerment workshop dedicated to educating and inspiring young females! I had the privilege to meet Mel and Kim last year at ComplexCon while speaking at the MissBish booth and right off the bat I knew I would get along with these lovely ladies. Check out my feature here.