Mama's Making It

Do you ever feel like your accomplishing something in life that you don't know if you quite deserve? Maybe it's that recent job promotion, a new team that you're managing? Or maybe its those moments where you feel like "Oh shit one of these days people will realize I don't know as much as they think I do..." Guess what, you're not alone. I often feel that way everytime I get asked to speak and it’s a something I'm trying my hardest to overcome in 2018.

Last week I was asked to speak at Mama's Making It, a panel hosted by an incredible mom community called Fashion Mamas. Funny enough when the Founder, Natalie Alcala reached out to me regarding the event I originally thought she was inviting me to attend, little did I realize I was being asked to speak. I’m totally blaming my #mombrain and moving situation on this one!

The panelists for this event included Michelle Davenport, CEO of Raised Real and Sylvie Esmundo, Editor of Sylvie in The Sky. Two really incredible and accomplished women and me. We talked about our career journey, what a typical workday looks like for us, and what mindful living means to us and how we incorporate wellness into our daily personal/work life. It was an intimate, relaxed discussion filled with real-life moments shared amongst real-life mamas


"Oh shit...

one of these days people will realize I don't know as much as they think I do..." 

I know that when I'm speaking in front of others I'm in my element, but it doesn't dismiss the fact that the biggest thing I need to conquer is this insecurity I have of feeling "who am I and how did I get so lucky to be here?" As if luck truly had anything to do with it. If you suffer from imposter syndrome, know that you're not alone. There are millions of people including the most successful role models you look up to. And as a note to you and myself, know that where you are in life is not because of luck, its because you chose to put your heart out there. Other people see something in you that’s worth sharing, you just open your eyes to see what they see and you will soon enough. 

Here are a few photos from the event. I've got some more speaking events lined up this year and I'd love to share stories with you, connect with you in person, and simply give you a hug! Stay up to date with all of that either on social media or by signing up for my Love Notes.

The event took place in one of my favorite stores, Saje Wellness located on Fillmore in SF. Bites provided by the amazing folks at Project Juice

Sparkling & Savasana Event Recap

Story time: There was for a brief moment in sharing my fitness journey I remember feeling afraid to show sides of me that were truly a part of my life. Some of those included “cheat meals”, adventures that had nothing to do with fitness, and even my love for wine and cocktails. The hardest part about those moments was that hiding those from people who looked up to me as a “fitness inspiration” made me feel like I wasn’t being authentic to myself. It was as if I was painting this completely perfect idea of someone who exercised religiously and ate nothing but kale, grilled chicken breast, and quinoa. Maybe I felt the need to do that because in some ways if I wasn’t showing people the “best version” of my fit life than maybe I wouldn’t be able to live up to their expectation of a “fitness blogger.”

I’m not sure what exact moment it was when I just said, ‘Screw it. I need to be me. 100% unapologetically me in every single way.’

But I do remember a time when one of my old coworkers jokingly said something like, “Oooh GOFITJO’s eating pizza at 10AM...if only her followers knew.” I remembered not wanting people to think of that of me when I was out at a restaurant enjoying wine or an entree that was the complete opposite of a healthier option on the menu. And so...I posted that moment, unapologetically.


A few weekends ago, I partnered up with Henry’s Hard Sparkling to co-host an event where both of my loves for fitness and a little bit of a socialized sipping collided in one event, Sparkling & Savasana with Henry’s Hard Sparkling at the Chambers SF located in The Phoenix Hotel. It was so perfect because just a few days before that I told my friends that I need to do more yoga, I think my body is really craving it. The rain had just stopped, but just in case we were under the patio awning at the Chambers surrounded by heat lamps keeping us nice and cozy.

I’ve gone through so many different phases of my fitness journey from being on a weight loss journey trying to get control of my health and creating new habits, to spending 18 months training for competitions as a bodybuilding competitor, and now trying to recreate my definition of balanced living while still trying to #livehardish in both my fitness life and life. It’s taken about 3 years or so, but I’ve come to realize that both worlds can live together, as long as you are understand that choices you make when it comes to food and alcohol and how that can affect your fitness goals.

Here’s a few things to do to practice moderation and balance with alcohol.

  1. Drink a full glass of water between every drink. It’s easy to lose a little self control when you are enjoying a night out with friends and loved ones. One thing that has always helped me is having a full glass of water between each drink. This not only helps me to stay hydrated, but keeps me full so I’m not having too many glasses of wine. If you’re trying to avoid any peer pressure or teasing from saucy friends, ask the bartender for sparkling water and throw a lime in it. It’ll look like a gin and tonic and no one but you will know the difference.

  2. Find low carb alternatives. Hard liquor is often praised to be a better alternative to beer or wine, but if you’re having your hard liquor in cocktails chances are you’re consuming a lot of unnecessary sugar as well. I’ll typically order a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon over an old fashioned with my dinner while out at a restaurant, but if I’m at home a bottle of wine can disappear quite quickly between my husband and I or during Girls Night In. I was recently introduced to Henry’s Hard Sparkling which is under 95 calories a bottle and just 3 carbs! The perfect beverage for those looking to celebrate both fitness accomplishments and live celebrations.

  3. Don’t over do it. Lifting weights often and hard can cause injuries and muscle fatigue and so can drinking habits. Being healthy and in shape to enjoy life with the people you love is the most precious gift anyone can have. So live in a way that allows you to stay active and keep up with all of your life’s greatest adventures.

I was compensated by Henry’s Hard Sparkling to create this post, but all points of views are my own. Cheers to living that relentlessly beautiful life!

Nike x Lead Like Her Event Recap

A few weeks ago I was invited to speak on a panel with Nike x Lead Like Her. And of course I wasn't about to decline, especially since my biggest goal for myself this year was to get over my fear of public speaking. Lead Like Her is this incredible digital platform where independent women tell their stories, inspire to drive change, and build strong lasting connections. Founder of Lead Like Her, Martha Kirby, interviewed me back in May on her blog and its so mind blowing to see how rapidly life has changed for me. It's incredibly wild to read things like "Director of Community/Curation at VSCO" to now speaking about my job title as a future "Internationally Certified Health and Nutrition Coach" 

This past Thursday was the panel event which had a really decent turn out despite the rain in SF. It was small and intimate, no more than 40 people which has been the size of most of my speaking engagements this year. A perfect size to get comfortable with and still feel connected to the audience. Yummy salads were hosted by Sweetgreens and mocktails by Clearly Kombucha and of course fun little giveaway swag bag and shopping provided by the Nike Women's store on Union in SF. 

The night was so awesome. And every single time I share my story I get so nervous to talk about it despite how open and honest I am about sharing my struggles of depression and how I used health and fitness as a tool to not overcome those dark months. And how powerful of a coping tool it has been for me these past few years. 

Honored to be amongst the team at  Nike  and fellow speakers:  Alyssa Chang, Movement Coach  and Mickey Roxas ( plantsandplanks ).

Honored to be amongst the team at Nike and fellow speakers: Alyssa Chang, Movement Coach and Mickey Roxas (plantsandplanks).

Many many many thanks to Lead Like Her and Nike for extending this opportunity. Every single moment where I'm sharing my story of overcoming depression and how I manage to juggle a busy schedule while still being intentional about my health and wellness, is a chance for me to feel connect to one person who might be struggling with similar feelings of loneliness and depression. You never know who you'll inspire by sharing your story. Our stories of struggles and accomplishments are both equally important. You can't live a full life when you're only sharing your one sided highlight reel.

If there's one thing I've learned about living authentically in your truth it's that you connect with others and most importantly with yourself on whole new level. 

Huge shoutout and love to DJ Umami for spinning the jams and my favorite song at the end of the panel.

Photos courtesy of Andrea Posadas


There's no other exercise that fuels my soul the way SoulCycle does and its even better when you're doing it with a community of women who are committed to sweating together and bettering our lives together. 

I've had the incredible honor to host two events over at SoulCycle in Walnut Creek and both have been filled with so much fun and buckets of sweat. 

SOULCYCLE x GOFITJO || 09.24.2016

SOULCYCLE x GOFITJO || 09.24.2016

If you've never had the chance to hop on a bike at SoulCycle and are wanting to know the experience read my thoughts on my previous blog post.  

This morning we spent 60 minutes getting down with John, who's incredible playlists can get you tapping back and putting a little spice to your moves on the bike any day. After SoulCycle, we walked on over to True Food Kitchen to enjoy some post SOUL refreshments and conversations that fueled the heart. (photos below are from the wonderful, Kat Chen)

This year I've been exploring the idea of hosting events and gathering community together. It's been so much fun to connect with the women in the Bay Area and to learn more about their stories. Each person has an incredible story to tell and those stories provide a sense of comfort, a the opportunity for personal growth, and simply the chance to laugh and bond with people you may have never get the chance to meet in your lifetime. Its been a great experience to see people bond over things they barely found out they had in common. 

SOULCYCLE || 10.23.2016

SOULCYCLE || 10.23.2016

Many thanks to the incredible sponsors: Core, Go Raw, Squarebars, SF Salt Co, Vooray, and Denik who provided each person with goodies for the day.

The notebooks are by this incredible brand called Denik that has an awesome mission. They believe that art can help change the world. Proceeds from each of their notebook sales goes directly to building schools and to support the artists. They are a small team of passionate individuals from Utah. And if you can spread their mission to those around you, that would be so incredible. If you know any artists who might want to submit their art, send them here.

I strongly believe that writing is such an incredible tool for your health. If you can spend a few moments in your day to slow down, write all the things you're grateful for and write about your hopes and dreams, it'll be incredible to see the type of change you manifest for yourself and for others around you. 

Come Ride With Me at SoulCycle Walnut Creek

Each person recharges from different forms of exercise.  Some crave long runs on a trail, others love the high energy aerobics based classes, or being a badass ballerina on the barre. At some point of my fitness journey I've tried it all! Because of my crazy schedule I relish the chance to get sweat with others. Which is why I'm so excited to be hosting a SoulCycle class at the brand new Walnut Creek location!

Everyone remembers their first SoulCycle ride. I know I do, March 23, 2014 with one of my good friends in Palo Alto. There was something about the music, the vibes, the dark room, and riding to the rhythm rather than riding for speed. It set my soul on fire! Most people you talk to will say things like SoulCycle was cleansing for the soul. Others will describe the class as inspiring as an incredible yoga class that truly centers you in the present moment of your movement. If you're new to SoulCycle or a SoulCycle addict consider this your open invitation to tap it back and ride to the rhythm. Whatever your motivation is, I can't wait to share this experience with you.

Details on the ride are in the information graphic above and to RSVP for your ride click here or click on the photo above!