SPOTLIGHT: Shannon Michelle (@caligirlgetsfit)

I'm excited to be partnering up with three amazing babes in the area to host our first 2016 Bay Area BBG Meetup. For those who don't know much about BBG, check out the insane amount of hashtags splattered all over Instagram. BBG is a 12 week workout guide created by Kayla Itsines, its simple to follow, and it builds a really great foundation of movement for any fitness level. I picked up the guide several years back, but never put it into use until the tail end of last year while I was recovering from a shoulder injury. Now I use the guide to supplement cardio or circuit training in between my strength training days with weights. 

To intro some of these babes that I'm collaborating with I wanted to do a little spotlight on each of them so that you can get to know some of these bad-asses and how fitness plays a role in their world. First up on my spotlight, Shannon Michelle. 


How has making fitness a mindful part of your life affected your day to day?

For me, it's all about the little things. Rather than take the elevator, I take the stairs. Rather than drive everywhere, I walk to do good for my body and the environment. I am more mindful of what I put in my body by trying to eat clean when possible, but also treating myself when I feel like I deserve it. Sometimes exercise = extra fries if I need something to give me a little extra motivation!

Have you always been so fitness oriented...was there an ah-ha moment that changed this for you? (you can tell your story here)?

Several years ago, my mom was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. She regularly consulted with a nutritionist to keep her health in check. I started educating myself on health and fitness because I was so worried about her. She is now doing much better by keeping her sugar under control, eating clean, and exercising on a regular basis. From then on, I began my fitness journey because I want to be healthy and live a long life to be there for my future family.

What does your workout schedule look like on a weekly basis?

My workout schedule consists of either a TRX warm-up or a weightlifting warm-up + the Kayla Itsines BBG guides 3x/week. On the other days, I typically do hip hop dance, yoga, or pilates. I also try to be active on the weekends by hiking when the weather is nice!

If you could give one piece of advice for anyone starting their fitness journey, what would it be? 

Make sure you are embarking upon this journey for the right reasons. Many times people want to "lose weight" because of negative words someone said to them and they feel insecure. Other times people compare themselves to others and feel like they are not good enough. In order for your journey to succeed, you have to be doing this truly for you and not to impress anybody else. Because at the end of the day all of the compliments, likes, and acknowledgement from others should be secondary to the pride and sense of accomplishment that you feel for yourself.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for empowering women. As women, we are taught at a young age that self-worth is derived from physical beauty and appearances. Intelligence, wit, and strength are not valued as much as being "pretty," whereas for men, more importance is put on these non-physical attributes. I would like to to change this way of thinking and remind our young women that smarts, sense of humor, and strength are just as important. I want to empower them to aspire to be the next woman president, rather than the next Playboy bunny.