Why Collagen Is a Must-Have Supplement in My Routine

Why Collagen Is a Must-Have Supplement in My Routine

There are so many ways we can incorporate a collagen powder into our diet. Right now I use a Type I/Type III blend and add it to anything from matcha lattes to smoothies. It’s completely unflavored and 1 serving has 14g of protein! What’s great about collagen as a protein supplement is that it isn’t a whey or casein protein which are proteins derived from milk. Whey and Casein protein supplements can irritate sensitivities in many people and can also be hard on the gut. Collagen is actually the opposite in that it helps heals our gut and intestines.

11 Tips for coping with the effects of trauma

11 Tips for coping with the effects of trauma

Trauma fucking sucks! There’s really not more to it. It’s hard, it causes a lot of pain and suffering, and its hard to cope with for both you and your loved ones.

I’m sharing 11 of my personal tips that I use to cope with the effects of trauma.

Developing Self Discipline

What do you dream most about in your life? You’re filled with amazing ideas and can even envision yourself happy, healthy, and successful. Most of all you know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals


Our dreams are nothing without self-discipline. Regardless of the goal: trying to get over procrastination, stop making excuses not to workout, finish the project you’ve been wanting to create, or even trying to prioritize self-care, none of your goals can be reached without self-discipline. 

There are 3 things I practice in order to create more self-discipline:

1. Raise my level of awareness.

We can only change what we are aware of. Take inventory of how you think, act, and feel to understand what’s keeping you from being more self-disciplined.

2. Consciously challenge yourself.

Breaking bad habits or changing behavior requires a shift in the way you do things. Step out of your comfort zone. Face the resistance to change with some tough questions.

  • How will I feel if I don’t make the disciplined decision?
  • How will I feel if I do make the disciplined decision?

3. Practice self love as you build discipline.

It’s important to know that strengthening discipline takes time and a lot of trial and error. Be aware of the internal dialogue you have with yourself, always. Be gentle. This will help you stay motivated when you inevitably fall off.

Always remember this: Discipline is what gets you started on day one. Self love and self encouragement is what keeps you going on the journey.


How to get on a Sleep Schedule

When I first started my fitness journey I remember getting overwhelmed with the idea of having to fit yet another thing into my day: a workout. I thought to myself, really we're going to throw this one more thing in my already busy day and my never-ending to-do list? I quickly learned that in order to be more productive I needed the energy and food was only going to give me so much. 

How to get on a Sleep Schedule

How to get on a Sleep Schedule

Did you guys know that sleep is the most underused medicine? I shared my 5 simple tips on how to get a better night's sleep a few years which I still incorporate now, especially tip #3. As a health coach, I work with my clients to help create a schedule that works with their lives. One of the areas I help guide them through is their sleep. Since the amount of hours of sleep is based on individual needs I rarely push a certain number of hours one needs to stay in REM. Instead, I  encourage healthy sleep habits for a better quality of life. 

Here's a few tips on how to get on a sleep schedule: 

Make small gradual adjustments.

Changing your routine won't happen overnight. If your goal is to get into bed by 10PM, but you're currently sleeping at 1AM, try pushing up your bedtime by 15-30 minutes. Adjust every 3-4 days to give ease your body into this change especially if you've been a night owl for years. 

Use your bed for sleep and sexy time, only.

Sorry not sorry for the TMI! Use your bed for only sleep and sex to help strengthen your sleep habits. When your bed is used for other things like work, eating, watching TV, all the things you open yourself up to anxiety about the other activities you do in bed. Try to use your bed for what it was intended for: sleep...and sexy time.

Be Consistent.

Like every other habit, you're trying to create for yourself, consistency is key! Pick a wake up time and bedtime you feel confident about and stick to it, even on the weekends. We all love sleeping in on Saturdays and Sundays, but try not to sleep in for longer than 2 hours. This will help keep your internal clock on track and adjust to your new bedtime.

Create a wind-down routine.

A wind-down routine is basically the adult version of a bedtime routine. Spend the last hour of your night focusing on activities that are calming: meditation, reading, writing, or drawing. You can watch TV or scroll on the internet if you like, but for some people, this just creates stimulation in the brain that keeps your mind going. My nighttime routine typically includes making tea, my skincare routine, writing in my journal, and diffusing essential oils by Saje Wellness

Sleep Well Kit by Saje Wellness

Sleep Well Kit by Saje Wellness

Skip the Snooze Button

If you're trying to create a new bedtime then this might be a challenge at first, but I believe its so important! In order to get your circadian clock on a healthy rhythm, you're going to want to get up once your alarm hits. The sleep you get after you hit snooze isn't high quality anyways. What I suggest is to create 3-4 different alarms spaced out by 5-10 minutes before the time you really want to wake up. For example, I like to be up by 5:30 AM. This means I'll set my first alarm at 5:00AM, 5:05AM, 5:10AM, 5:15AM, and then my final one at 5:30AM. To create even more of a barrier to hit that snooze button I've programmed my alarms on my Sonos in the bedroom which means I have to get up to shut it off. 

There are other tips such as: 

  • Reduce your daily intake of caffeine. 
  • Turn off the computer or other electronics an hour before your bedtime.
  • Don't go to bed on an empty stomach.
  • Invest in comfortable bedding. 
  • Exercise regularly

The direct connection between sleep and healthy inevitably helps to improve your quality of life. If you're struggling with getting on a sleep routine, don't give up. Remember that change takes time. You've got this!

Let me know if you try any of these. Comment below or message me on Instagram! I'd love to hear from you.

Woo Woo 101: The Basics of Healing Crystals

The use of healing crystals have been around forever, but thanks to Instagram and this current shift or trend of holistic health we've been seeing them in nearly every latte shot shared by your favorite yogis and wellness creators online. I know I'm guilty of it! Before we go on thinking that it's some New Age health trend, know that the use of crystals for healing have been around since the beginning of mankind used in talismans and amulets. The first site of crystals dating back to over 30,000 years ago. 


What can crystals do for me? 

As we go about our modern day lives, we're engaged heavily with technology which drains our systems all day. So some people say that crystals help to restore our energy. Ok, before I lose you here, let's go to science for a minute. Each of us has our own distinct EME or Electromagnetic Energy Field. Every day as we use our phones or sit in front of our computers our energy reacts to the energy of the tech around us. When placing a crystal within 4 feet of our bodies, the crystal's EME will resonate with our own. This can act as a barrier between the electronics we use and our bodies deflecting some of the negative effects of being around our electronic gadgets for long periods of time.  


Beyond that crystals can also be used to harness their healing power helping you manifest your intentions by elevating your frequency. Crystals are rocks that are connected to the earth because they come from the earth. "Crystal energy helps you on your spiritual journey because it holds you to your intention and reminds you of your connection to the Earth." Each crystal, stone, or rock has a frequency that it vibrates on. As crazy as this sounds, I remember my mom testing diamonds using a presidium instrument which tests a diamond's thermal conductivity for authenticity. Based on that theory and experience I would say I totally believe that each stone or crystal has a unique frequency. 

How do I choose my crystals? 

I'll admit when it came to choosing my first set of crystals I did it based on how it looked. I walked into a metaphysical healing shop to buy some sage and gravitated towards the shelf of crystals. I remember that the first one I picked up was a clear quartz and a smokey quartz. Out of all the beautiful other crystals, those were the two that I was attracted to the most. When I read the meaning of the two, it made sense to me why I chose those two or should I say they chose me. A clear quartz is a universal healer and helps balance all the chakras in the body. Smoky quartz helps with anxiety, depression, and overcoming any negative emotions. At the time I walked into the store I was dealing with depression and anxiety about my future

You can walk into a crystal store and tell them that you need something that helps with whatever challenge you might be facing or even take a simple quiz to find out what you need. I tend to just go with what I'm attracted to before reading the meaning. Then when I read the purpose of the stone or crystal, a lightbulb moment goes on and it's like " makes sense why I'm attracted to that." 

Put your crystals to work!

So now that have these pretty shiny things all over your house. It's time to put them to work by giving them a job! 

First, you gotta clean them. This is such an important step and one that's overlooked. Clearing your crystals helps to remove any energy it might be holding onto especially if it been handled at the store by several people. There are several different ways to clear the energy of a crystal, my favorite and most simple is to run them under cool water. Another simple one is to use another stone like a quartz crystal, selenite, or amethyst to help clear the energy of the other. 

Next, hold your crystal in your hand, think happy thoughts, and think about the problem you're facing and how that crystal can help. For example, I have a huge black tourmaline on my desk and its intention is to absorb any negative energy from the electronic devices I work around and any of the stressful deadlines I get from brand partners. 


There are other ways to incorporate crystals into your life through rituals which I haven't quite got into yet, but I definitely want to start. An awesome blog reader of mine sent Olivia and I this book called Crystal Muse which is filled with all sorts of rituals to help you manifest nearly every intention you can think of from cutting unhealthy energy cords to bringing prosperity into your life.

Where do I start? Which ones should I buy first?

Just like any other wellness-related decision base your purchase on what you need the most or go and check them out at a local store and choose them by how they make you feel or how you're attracted to them. 

There are a few staples that I think are a must have at some point in your crystal collection:

I tend to purchase my stones and crystals during my travels, this is my way of bringing home a souvenir that integrates into my home seamlessly and gives me a story and memory to tell about where I've been and how I felt at that time. I also purchase them online from SoulMakes, The Celestial Goddess, and Energy Muse. One way to tell whether or not your crystal is real is to check the stone for bubbles. Real crystals won't bubbles formed in them, but glass or plastic will. Here's an easy guide on spotting frauds. 


Soul Makes has these awesome sets you can buy if you're looking for some place to start but don't know how or where to begin. Their collections are curated based on the intention you want to start manifesting in your life. I purchased the happiness collection from Yoga Outlet because it was slightly cheaper. 

use coupon code: GOFITJO to get 15% OFF your purchase from Soul Makes

How do I use healing crystals in my own life? 

I use them in my meditation practice. I bring in the stones or crystals that I need the most in that moment to help center me and light some palo santo and get my woo woo on! (I'll get into this one in another post) 


I rock this labradorite East West Prism by Asha Patel when I need an extra oomph of guidance in my life or the Nazar Moonstone Necklace when I need to get in touch with my feminine soft side. 



I also just place them all over my house. Most people think they are there for decoration but really they all have a purpose for why they are there. I have a collection in my living room right next to my diffuser and essential oils within there you might find a Dalmatian stone to help promote childlike joy and playfulness into our lives.  I remember picking it up at the store and thinking "Oh man this one is fun!" I checked my Stone app on my iPhone and lo and behold, the app read "We all need little reminders that, yes, even you only live once, and for real, fuck 'em if they can't take a joke." SOLD!


In my bedroom I have a large clear quartz to help to protect my husband and I and clear any negative energy from long days of parenting, moonstone to help our sleep, lapis lazuli to help raise our awareness for our own potential, and a few agate points to help bring harmony. 

Last year during my start to my crystal collection, I got my daughters into them too and they now have baby collections in their rooms. 

Growing up in a Catholic household this stuff was seen as witchcraft, but there was always a part of me that knew I was connected to a higher being in life and to the Earth. I grew up internalizing this belief that both worlds can exist because to me it just made sense. If I emit a certain energy or vibe in life then so did other objects that came from the earth. It's just something that made sense to me. The moment I defined my personal spirituality as the quality in which my soul or human spirit operated rather than a religion or belief system, I opened myself up to new ways of integrating crystals and stones as a part of my modern day life.  

Your turn: Do you love crystals? What do you do with them? Do you have a story from your stones?  Please share below!