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5 Simple Ways to Go Green

This blog post was sponsored by Love Beauty and Planet, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

Ever since moving into our new house we’ve been trying to find ways to go green. I had this big lofty idea that we’d go cold turkey and just be completely green, sustainable, and 100% eco-friendly. I quickly realized that transitioning into a more sustainable lifestyle wasn’t going to happen overnight. Just like approaching any exercise or diet change, an ‘all or nothing’ mindset can just lead to shortcomings when the expectations are set a little too high. What I discovered is that sustainable living is just like a yoga practice. You have to set the right intentions and take it day by day. 

Here are five small, easy, green choices we can make in our homes. 

Reducing water usage in the shower.

I’ve been using the new brand, Love Beauty & Planet and love how it’s made my hair feel. The conditioner has a fast-rinse technology that can help you save water and rinsing time in the shower. I do my part by going easy on the tap.  Since there are 3 ladies in my household this is extremely beneficial in cutting down water usage and costs. Another shower saver tip is to bring the plants in the shower when watering or when plants need humidity from misting. Yes, I’ve taken crazy plant lady to a whole new level. 

p.s. I’ve been using the purposeful hydration shampoo and conditioner – it’s infused with wild shea nut butter and ethically sourced Australian Sandalwood Oil – smells so good! 

5 Simple Ways to go Green

5 Simple Ways to go Green

Recycle and compost food scraps.

Use a trash can that has a built-in recycling bin which has helped us mindfully recycle in our home. We recently picked up a Simple Human dual compartment trashcan and it has been a game changer. Truthfully, we purchased it for aesthetics and functionality, but we had no idea the amount of trash we would be reducing because we’ve been more mindful of the things we recycle. On top of that, we've also been more mindful of composting food scraps and other compostable materials, which has helped reduce the trash. We recently picked up a little container that we place right next to our kitchen sink as a reminder to toss any food scraps into the compost. What we’ve seen is a major reduction in our trash by garbage pick-up and the recycling and compost/yard trimming bins are filled.  

Upcycle used jars and bottles.

In the past, we’ve normally recycled old jars of pasta sauce, but this year we’ve been making a more conscious effort in upcycling them and using them to store nuts or other pantry items. I love doing this because it’s like giving jars another purpose or value instead of them getting smashed up in recycling facilities. Another thing you can do is use them for propagating plants, which we did for a few of our plant babies here at home before we repotted them in their new pots. I can’t wait to do this with my Love Beauty and Planet bottles when we’re done using them because I can think of a few other ways I can upcycle the bottles. 

Ditch the plastic water bottles!

Use a reusable water bottle and carry it everywhere! If you ever catch me out and about you’ll know I carry around a S’well water bottle everywhere I go. Occasionally there’s even more than one sitting on my desk during my work day. A reusable water bottle not only helps the environment by reducing our usage of plastic, but it’s healthier too. Carrying a reusable water bottle can even help you save nearly $260 a year. 

I carry around a S’well water bottle everywhere I go as one of the ways I go green.

I carry around a S’well water bottle everywhere I go as one of the ways I go green.

Ride your bike instead of driving your car to work.

Since I work from home I can’t really ride my bike to work, but what I have done from time to time is swapped out my workouts for a bike ride which saves me time from getting into my car, driving to the gym, and even reduces my carbon footprint. If you’re walking distance from the store, try walking or biking instead of driving. 

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Going full green at once can be daunting, but if you take small baby steps you’ll quickly see it’s easier than you think. Which one of these will you try first? 

Small Changes to Make in 2017 That Can Impact Your Health For A Lifetime

The New Year always brings forth second chances and new goals to reach in order to better our lives. I’m a goal oriented person and I hate to admit this but a little Type A when it comes to lists, organizing my planner, and notebooks to set me up for success. However, I wasn’t always this way. When I started my career as a people manager at VSCO, I knew that the best way to juggle and manage all my quarterly and yearly goals was to break down the list into small digestible victories that would lead me to accomplishing my bigger goal. This was really helpful in making it not feel as daunting and I did the same when it came to my fitness. 

When I started my fitness journey I said to myself I wanted to be the healthiest version of myself in my 30s. As ambiguous as this goal was, the challenge was that this particular goal had no form of measurement. In some ways not having a way to measure this was the most motivating aspect of the process. Each small win felt like a huge victory. As my 12 week program turned into 3 years of a consistent lifestyle I realized that it wasn’t about making big changes, but making small shifts that helped form new habits. 

Here’s 10 Small Changes that you can make to impact your health in a large way:

  1. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. When you sleep your body is in a resting state and a little inflamed due to lack of movement while getting a good night’s rest. Drinking water first thing in the morning will help lubricate your lymphatic system which will kick start your body’s ability to drain the toxins from your body. I like to keep a S’well Bottle on a bedside table so that first thing in the morning I can have a nice swig of cold water to hydrate the body.
  2. Add protein into your breakfast. Protein is a great macronutrients to help support weight loss and maintenance. Adding egg whites or whole eggs to your breakfast in the morning can help keep the body satiated throughout the day. You can also get a healthy source of protein from Greek Yogurt. For those who are vegan, try a tofu scramble like this simple one from Minimalist Baker.
  3. Cook smarter, not harder.  Once you get into the groove of cooking healthier, get creative. I like to cook once and eat twice. For example I prepare a large batch of brown rice or quinoa and use it for some of my lunches for the week, dinners for the family, or even a savory breakfast bowl. I often do the same with my proteins and prep a batch that I can use both in my prepped meals and dinners for the family. 
  4. Sleep in your workout clothes, clean ones of course. This sounds silly, but sleeping in my set of workout clothes gets me prepared for that early morning workout. There’s no excuse for me to have to change out of pajamas while its cold and dark. I just grab my jacket, put on my shoes, and go!
  5. Start your day with your hype jams. I have a “Get Lifted” playlist that I use to get me in the mood for my day especially when I wake up in a funky mood. Some of the songs on my playlist include “Love on Top” by Beyonce. 
  6. Start a morning ritual like making coffee or fresh juice at home instead of running to your local coffee shop. I started to make our coffee again at home and there’s something about slowing down the morning with a nice ritual that helps calms the nerves and center your energy. 
  7. Use at least one weekend day a month to go on an outdoor adventure. Your biggest source of energy can be found from the elements such as sun and fresh air. Getting outdoors is not only good for the soul, but you get your intake of Vitamin D and fresh oxygen for the lungs. 
  8. Detox the pantry. When I first started my fitness journey, I got rid of all the unhealthy kids and adult snacks in the pantry and replaced items with granola, whole wheat crackers, and nuts. Sometimes as a parent you find yourself mindlessly snacking on kids snacks, so it was important for me to detox the house from those items. This helped to break the habit of mindless snacking.
  9. Pack healthy snacks like raw almonds, granola, or seasonal fruit with you to work or while running errands. Bringing healthy and wholesome nutrition helps to keep you away from convenience foods like candy bars and chips which are packed with refined sugars, high sodium content, and empty calories. You’ll start to notice how much more energy you have throughout the day when you’ve made small changes like this to your snacks.
  10. Switch up your workout routine or even your gym. Our bodies are incredible machines. It can regulate body temperature to stay at a steady 98.6 and can even heal itself when its sick. Since our bodies are so adaptable sometimes we plateau with our fitness progress. Switching up your routine after 12 weeks can help break this plateau and changing your gym environment can help stimulate dwindling motivation.
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Anytime Fitness provided me with compensation in exchange for this sponsored blog post. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.