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When Mackenzie and her team sat down with me to design my office she asked me things like: "What music do you listen to? What scents typically fill your home office? What inspires you?"  Answering those questions came easy for me and truthfully it excited me when we looked into these aspects of designing my workspace.

Why doing it all can be impossible.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve worn myself out from going, going, going, or the times I’ve deliberately made myself insanely busy simply to the point where I’ve almost completely stopped facing my problems head on. If I was being honest, it's probably at least once or twice a month.

There’s nothing wrong with being busy or time-efficient, but I think there is something wrong with not being able to stop and enjoy the small, empty moments. There’s something wrong with having to fill every second with activity because you’re not ready to face certain problems or challenges you're tirelessly running from. It’s so easy to get trapped in focusing at the big picture and constantly trying to jump from milestone to milestone, and forget that the present is pretty great, too.

Yesterday, was a rough one for me I woke up strong and ready for the day and all of a sudden anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks. I was paralyzed in my own thinking. Part of me wanted to blame it on the gloomy weather that is covering the SF Bay Area, but deep down inside I knew that the reasons why anxiety was beginning to swell inside was because self doubt and fear was starting to overwhelm me. My husband and I are both now entrepreneurs in our businesses and often times we’re both juggling responsibilities between operating our business and keeping our home lives functioning strong. 

When you own your own business you don’t work a 9-5, you work a 24/7. 

My mind is always working, strategizing, and trying to figure out what the next steps are going to be in order for me to really create the life that I want to live. But I’m learning the hard truth that I just can’t do it all on my own, that my home life wont be 100% glossy, manicured, and perfect and the clutter will need to be picked up another day and the laundry will have to be put away at some point later in time. 

Here’s some things I’ve learned to let go in search for balancing my home life and #girlsboss life:

1. Expectations of who I needed to be in that moment. While juggling multiple hats, you have to learn that every moment in life will be different and each new day may not be the same as yesterday. Comparing those perfect days to the imperfect ones doesn't help your mind get centered and focused on what's happening in the present moment.

You can't tackle the future unless you focus on the now. 

2. People pleasing. This is a big one and I'm not 100% perfect at this, but letting go of pleasing others over my own happiness is one I've learned and still continuing to learn. You cannot put your own self happiness in front of the happiness of others. Now I know that sounds selfish, but ultimately what I mean by this is you can't sell your soul for someone else. Deep down inside you are driven by truths that you hold dear to yourself. When those are compromised you lose yourself and become imbalanced in your daily efforts to find your self worth. 

3. Being a "Pinterest mom". We women have it tough especially when it comes to trying to figure out our roles in society as a mother, both SAHM or working moms. The biggest thing I've had to let go was this idea of a perfect life for my kids. My house isn't perfect, its not the most pristine at all times, and some days clean laundry is still waiting to be folded and put away after several days of being clean. But these are the small sacrifices I'm willing to make to create precious and quality time with my kids. Something that I haven't had enough of while juggling the role of a people manager at my last job. 


Some days I take a look around my house and I get disappointed with the mess. Bits of paper and homework cluttered at every table, the sink not perfectly clean at every given hour, and the piles of laundry from corner to corner, especially because our house is a household of women which means we go through our wardrobe quickly. But I have to keep reminding myself that IT'S OKAY to let this things go so you can sit and play with your kids or hang out with your husband.

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PersilProClean provided me with compensation in exchange for this sponsored blog post. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.