Being confident in your own skin is not vanity

I was on a call with a woman named Jennifer, yesterday talking about fitness and life. I kept saying "Fitness is not about the perfect body, it's about getting your shit together, it's about figuring out who you're meant to be, and finding the confidence to simply go for it." When I started this fitness account and blog it was to hold myself accountable for the promise I made myself which was, to head into my 30s as the best version of myself. I wanted to be confident in my own skin. Which ultimately meant being confident in the choices I make for myself both personally and professionally.

In my twenties I thought it was so vein for someone to believe that the way the looked translated into the way they feel. Boy was I so wrong! Because the desire to feel good about how I looked became the driving force of my fitness journey. 

Back in May I had the honor to be in front of the lens of my dear friend Tonhya Wysong for her La Femme Forte series. La Femme Forte, the strong woman, is a boudoir series that was born form the heart. Tonhya set out to photograph women and to help them embrace their "flaws" and to redefine their own definitions of beautiful no matter the shape, size, or color of their skin. I'm sharing photos from my 2016 set of La Femme Forte photos here so please be kind and if you love them, hit up Tonhya and tell her to come to your city! For all you SF area ladies, our city was her first ever so don't worry she'll be back next year.

La Femme Forte makes its way back to SF

Tonhya dreamed of starting a project that celebrated women empowerment, self love, strength, and courage to embrace the female body no matter what shape or size. When we talked about this collaboration, our mission was to encourage and empower women to feel beautiful, confident, and strong. We wanted to be able to stand up together and tell society to suck it, we women define our own meanings of beauty and we will continue to celebrate womanhood in the most authentic ways possible. Often times when people hear about boudoir photo-shoots you instantly think to paint a picture of “sex” all over it. Women become a provocative sex symbol for men to gawk at.

La Femme Forte was launched to redefine that and I'm so honored to be hosting it's SF stop on May 7th and May 8th 

When I look at these photos I see a woman and I feel like a woman who’s been built from all her past struggles and pain. I’ve taken what was once a broken, torn, and hopeless soul and put together a strong, confident, and bold woman. I no longer confine myself by the darkness that holds me back, I step boldly into the light embracing all that has happened in my past and using that as fuel to continue to build a life I am proud of…To create a woman I want to be proud of.

Thank you Tonhya for making it comfortable to step boldly in front of your lens and truly pouring your heart and vision into these photographs. Your courage and creativity to bring women together to spend a day stripping down to our vulnerability was incredible. 

Make sure to reach out to Tonhya ASAP to book your La Femme La Forte session. Check out her blog for more details or email her directly at: