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10 Ways to Dress Yourself in Self Love

10 Ways to Dress Yourself in Self Love

Self-love seems to be a really popular term these days especially when it comes to social media. #Selflove and #SelfCareTime seems to be the number one thing, besides balance in life, that people are striving to find these days. According to the dictionary, self love is regard to one’s own well-being and happiness. Sometimes, it’s confused with being narcissistic or loving yourself above all else without the regard for others. I believe that self-love is one of the most important things we can practice and its often the one that is most neglected. We all deserved to be loved, not only by others around you, but most importantly — YOU.

DO // How to turn your new year's resolutions in life resolutions

As I was sitting here thinking about writing a blog about how to throw your hair in a bun, put some gangsta rap on, and handle it! I thought to myself, how does one really do that? I’ve always been a pretty ambitious woman when it came to checking things off the list, but I have been known to also been known to overthink and analyze every little situation in life. I’ve come to learn that I’ve done this more to myself since I became a mother.  

Often times in a mother’s life the idea of being needed by someone can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Every conscious effort and decision is based on someone else's needs over your own. You have to balance out the needs of your children's dreams and your husband's dreams while trying to find the balance to take care of your own needs and dreams. And by doing this we have a tendency to set our needs aside in order to make sure that everyone else around us is taken care of. After having my second daughter 6 years ago, I began to feel guilty for wanting to put own needs before theirs. Somehow I felt that carving out time to work out or wanting to eat healthier was taking away from my family. In some it was taking some time away from them, but it was a small fraction compared to what was really being stolen from them: a mother who was happy with herself and capable of loving others because she was able to show herself love first. 

More on my 5 tips on how to turn your new years resolutions into life resolutions are on the Lucy Activewear Blog

STYLE // From Gym to Brunch

I know its a cardinal rule to not wear your workout clothes out and about, but the truth is there are some rules we need to break! I was hesitant in the beginning when activewear was starting to pave a road to making itself a trend, but slowly began to fall in love with it as it began to make more sense with my new found lifestyle. 

One trend that I love and believe is here to stay is joggers and heels! There's something so comfy about these 7/8 pants that are looser throughout the thigh area (because let's face it, we like to squat) and begin to taper down towards the ankles. They are cute enough to wear with some sportswear sneakers and perfect to rock with heels. I just recently picked up the Dashing Stripes pants from Lucy Activewear and it's been a wardrobe item that has been replayed over and over in the past few weeks. I travelled off with Sebastopol last weekend to second shoot for my husband and wore them in the car on our 2 hour drive. It was so comfy and the fabric feels like a nice light blanket that wraps you in comfort. What I love about these pants is, if I did ever decide to work out with them it's moisture wicking fabric allows me and I can throw on some heels or Birkenstocks and wear them out for a Sunday brunch. 

Tips on dressing up your joggers:

  1. Keep it simple. Don't over do the look. Keep to solid colors and simple pieces like simple tanks, tees, and crop tops. I'm a fan of black, white, and grey (obviously).
  2. Mix Textures. If you can find leather joggers, do it! And mix the top with a piece that has some texture, like fur, shag, or simple cotton.
  3. All in the bag! If you're dressing up your joggers for a night out or a for brunch, make sure to bring out a statement bag. A fun clutch or awesome purse ties the look together.
  4. Shoes. Keep the heels under 4.5 inches, but not lower than 1.5 inches. I always feel that this look is best dressed up with a mid heel. You want to keep the look like you simply threw things on and made it look effortless.
  5. Have fun with it!

Top: Sweet Victory Tank

Pants: Dashing Stripes

Shoes: Vince Camuto // Alternatives

Bag: Zara 

Sunnies: Dior

Checkout my Pinterest for more of my favorite style looks. 


Earlier this year I was graced with the exciting opportunity to contribute to the Lucy Activewear's blog Lucy Let's Go. It's been such an incredible opportunity not to mention the monthly additions to my workout wardrobe. 

Under the new direction of Keryn Francisco, Creative Director Lucy Activewear starts to unveil a whole new direction with their wardrobe where form meets function with a punch of style! One of the things I love about my growing Lucy collection is how breathable the garments are. As a woman constantly on the go, I look for clothing that has wicking capabilities that can take me from the gym to the grocery store all in the same morning without having to worry about my workout clothes sticking to my body from my sweaty workouts. And if you know me well enough you'll know I love my monochromatic wardrobe palette and the folks at Lucy Activewear get it! 

Photography by my awesome husband, Encarnacion Photography

Sports Bra, Best Friend Racerback in Smoke

Workout Tee, Woman Up

Cropped Leggings, Powerfully Poised in Smoke