#girlbossmoment of the week

Let's be real...sometimes the biggest girlboss moment ever is cancelling all the after work networking social events you had scheduled on your calendar to put on a face mask, sit in an Epsom salt bath, to listen to your run down body and get some well needed rest for another busy work week.


I feel like I've said this a million times over and over again to girl squad and coworkers lately but I'm feeling "extra crispy". I'm the kind of girl who is used to running on a 1/4 tank of gas ready to go full speed ahead to the finish line. My capacity of stress and ceiling of things to do on my plate is pretty high up there so I know I can take on a lot. Most of the time my body can do the same, but last night it gave in and said, "uh huh honey...if you don't stop I'll stop for you." And just like that I cancelled my 3 post work networking events and called it a rest day from my hustle. I had three incredible events I had all intentions and plans to go to and two out of three were incredible networking events for blogging and one was an incredible private invitation to a tech related event that would've been amazing in my professional career. Each that had to take the back burner. I was bummed to say the least. Normally I'd push through feelings of being under the weather, but man it was eating away at me all day. My head was groggy after my morning workout, I felt like I barely functioned through my work meetings, and my body was just fatigued. I wasn't full blown sick but surely if I didn't listen to my body I probably would be towards the tail end of the week. 

The Joanne before being health focused would've said, "F it, push through deal with the consequences." So to take a stand back and say, "Ok ripe and crispy 32 year old body, what do you want from me? Rest...ok fine" without contesting it, is a damn big thing. Big enough I felt it deserved a blog post! Ha! 👊🏾


As the mama hustler in me, yes I want to push forward through all my dreams, say yes to all the golden opportunities to meeting new people and building incredible personal and professional relationships. But what good would I be in any of those relationships if I didn't take care of me first. It's hard to not walk away from this experience wondering did I miss out on some incredible connections? But at the same time I need to also give myself the permission and respect I deserve to also love myself, my health, and my family time.

I've been using the Activated Charcoal Facial Polish by Grancia Organics once a week for the past three weeks and love what it's doing to my skin. My skin has been feeling a little congested due to the make up building up on the pores, this has really made a difference in pulling out the impurities and making my skin feel nice and smooth. By far my favorite thing from their entire skin care line.



To use it: mix a tiny amount in a bowl with a little bit of water and then rub onto your face. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes then rinse. It's best to do while taking an Epsom salt bath and drinking tea. (ok that's mostly my way)