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10 WAYS to do to slay the day

We have a tendency to over complicate life and make it even harder for us to focus on our goals. As I was writing this blog post I thought to myself, "dammit JO, this is a #note2self". Mondays can be a challenge for every busy adult to set the priority for their health. Below are 10 key things you can do to slay the day! 



1. Determine your goals.

Each morning or the night before try to list down the things you need to get accomplished for the week whether this is in work, personal life, or fitness. If you're the type of person who loves check lists, like me, then checking things off your list probably gives you the extra boost of confidence when you feel accomplished. Setting weekly goals is important. So if you're trying to lose weight or working on a fitness goal, start off by breaking down weekly goals and have your larger goal in mind. By breaking it down into smaller chunks you'll be able to feel like you're working towards some thing more attainable. 

2. Maintain a positive attitude

Disappointments and setbacks are bound to happen during the week, especially the things that are out of your control. Always focus on the positive vs the negative of the situation. I take some of the practices I have as a manager at work into my fitness life and that's really helped me continue onward. Here's a tip I tell my directs at work: assess the situation, look for the fresh perspective, hang on to the good things, leave the bad, and move on. Always focus on the positive outlook. Even if you didn't succeed the first time, you gave it a try and that's more courageous than not. 

3. Leave personal problems aside

Okay. This one is definitely more professionally related, however it plays a similar role in your workouts. A work out session is task oriented. You have your predetermined exercises that you've got to get accomplished within a set or time frame and you have to stay focused. Leaving your personal problems out the door when you walk in will help to keep your mind on track. This can definitely be a hard practice and will ebb and flow from week to week. Do your best to make some headspace and let your mind lead your workouts.

4. Upgrade your knowledge and skills

Fitness is lifelong learning. Every person is different and what works for your friend may not work for you. The best thing about fitness is that there are more than one ways to stay in shape or get in shape. Some people enjoy spin classes, running, weight lifting, or crossfit; while others may enjoy pilates, yoga, dance, etc. This goes the same with nutrition and diet. Some forms of diets will work for others while it may not work for you. Instead of getting frustrated with the lack of results, give it a good 4-6 weeks, then learn something new. The best thing is that you've been able to try something out with enough time to make it a habit, but if its not working then give something else a try. 

5. Be passionate

This one is so simple. Be passionate about your endeavours for healthy living. Being healthy is a privilege. There are some out there born without the ability to move and some are fighting for the essentials of life. Arm yourself with heart and hustle, success will soon follow.

6. Decrease energy drains

Most of us are using smart phones and as convenient as technology has made it for us to stay connected, it can also steal the most time and energy from us. DO NOT DISTURB is one of my favorite iPhone features and it's one that is turned on often throughout the day and especially during my workout time.  The other big energy drain for us adults are relationships with people and or things that only unnecessary stress and anxiety into our lives. Whatever you do, make like Elsa and "let it go."

7. Practice Self talk

This one is the one that most people think I'm crazy for, but its a good one! Self talk allows us to reevaluate our actions, become more self aware of any situation, and gives us the tools to solve any problem and move forward. Talk to yourself like you would talk to a good friend. When a good friend comes to you with a problem or an issue that they need you to be a sounding board with, you offer a unique perspective. Try doing this to yourself too. Practice writing in a journal or a personal blog. Most of the time the captions I write on Instagram are actually for me more than they are for others. It allows me to reflect back on my own thought processes to see if there's a different perspective I never thought of. When there are people who can relate to what I have to say it gives me a sense of belonging and deeper understanding with myself. 

8. Confront challenges and fears

The only way to grow and learn in life is to face the fears the same way David faced Goliath! Some of the biggest challenges you overcome in fitness is not about the heaviest deadlift or the most brutal HIIT session, its actually the fear that has instilled in your mind. The greatest challenge is that voice that says "you can't do it, why bother, who do you think you are..." These voices can be so crippling, but by overcoming daily challenges and fears you gain the confidence you need to silence these thoughts.  

9. Meditate

I just recently started to meditate, especially on the days the voices of doubt and insecurity begin to grow louder. For me those days are often the ones that are filled with back to back work meetings or a daily schedule that has become more demanding. Find some time to clear your mind, make some headspace, and find recalibrate your focus. 

 10. Acknowledge your small victories

Non scale victories to me are more important that the ones on the scale. These can be anywhere from being able to lift just a little more weight than the last session or killing it during your HIIT, going to bed at your bed time so that you can wake up in the morning for your workout! Always acknowledge your small victories to yourself and even to others. Cheer yourself on, be the push you need for yourself, and always remember that self motivation is the best motivation you can have! 

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