DO // Mind Muscle Connection

One of the the training exercises I've been trying to focus on in the last two weeks is mind muscle connection. Mind muscle connection is when the mind meets the body. According to, it happens during "neuromuscular junction", it is when the brain releases a chemical neurotransmitter that communicates with the muscles.

Here are 5 of my simple tips on how to get your mind communicating with your muscles.

1. Set the tone of your workouts. Before any workout, I try my best to set the tone by leaving all worries behind. For me this happens during my drive to the gym. I put on my hype song or the soundtrack of my day. Sometimes for me this music is calm, sometimes its trap, other times it can be island reggae. Putting on music that helps me get into the zone allows my mind to take itself to the calm place where I can leave all worries behind and truly free my thoughts. 

2. Visualize your end results. You may not be able to see the end goals to your fitness journey, but you can see the end results of your workout. Before I start working out I look at the workout "tasks" on what I have to do. I know the amount of sets I have to accomplish. In my head I begin to visualize what I will feel and look like at the end of that workout. 

3. Concentrate on muscle movements. When I'm working out I'm in the zone. I'm focused and in that I try to concentrate on the individual muscle movements that I feel. I hone in on the fibers in my body moving and connect that with the rhythm of music playing through my headphones.

4. Focus on form. During my off season I was more focused on lifting heavy to gain more muscle mass, as I start easing into competition prep I've been working on lighting a little lighter but really working on correcting my form in each movement. For example, I roll down my shoulders out of my shoulder socket while performing any shoulder or upper back exercises to concentrate on the muscle movement. While squatting, I keep in mind my body alignment with my knees, toes, and lower back to prevent any injury and I go nice and slow so that I can go back to Tip #3 and concentrate on feeling the muscle fibers moving. 

5. Practice practice practice. It's important to make a conscious effort of practicing listening to your body and each of the movements and motions that you put it through. Once you feel more connected your mind begins to tell your body to move. Your body will slowly listen to your mind and you become and an unstoppable force. 

Remember that you can use these techniques in any type of exercise not just bodybuilding, but in Yoga, Pilates, Running, Cycling, anything that is required for you to put your body in motion. 

Enjoy Fitfam!