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A Day in My Life with Natori

Before I started my fitness journey, I told myself I would only wear workout clothes when I worked out. I promised myself that I wouldn’t turn into one of those women who wore them 24/7. Along with transforming my health, my wardrobe transformed too and soon it began to be filled with sports bras and activewear. Lately, I’ve been trying redefine my style and have been playing around with my personal style again.

However, some days are more challenging than others and running around from one thing to the next is becoming more common in my life. I often have a small window to get ready before my day of work, running errands, and then an afternoon filled with helping with homework, working on my blog, and studying for my health and nutrition coaching certification. 

Sometimes my schedule is so packed that it leaves zero time to shower. Yes, I get it, that’s gross. But hey that’s life and if I’m the first one to admit that it happens, my bad. Here’s the secret everyone: I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE! 

Finding a sports bra that not only provides the support I need to work out, but also the comfort to live in all day can be a challenge. I love the support of a sports bra, but sometimes they’re too restrictive for everyday wear, and for the woman on the go, comfort is a necessity. Not too long ago I found out one of my favorite lingerie brands, Natori, also has a line of sports bras, which was a bit of a game changer for me. The Natori Zen Bra is stylish and offers that incredible support and comfort you need for everyday life. The performance Cool Dry fabric wicks sweat quickly making those wardrobe transitions in life easier. 


A day in the life of Jo (typically looks like this): 

0600 - wake up 

0630 - kids wake up/Instagram a little (you know there’s so much truth in this)

0700 - breakfast time 

0740 - dropping off the kids Tues/Thurs, my hubs does M/W/Fri. (we like to split our duties)

0830 - sweat time

1000 - work grind/errands/meetings 

0330 - kids get home from school and I’m juggling all the hats 

0530 - dinner prep 

0600 - dinner time

0730 - bedtime routines begin 

0830 - hangout with the hubs 

1000 - head to bed, but spend time on Netflix, checking emails, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube

0000 - bed time 


As you can see my daily life is pretty normal. From time to time I may have the occasional social event to go to or I’m off traveling for work, but it’s all pretty ordinary. I just like to believe I’m an everyday woman finding extraordinary ways to live an ordinary life. 

This post was created in partnership with Natori to show you how I live my extra ordinary day.