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Try New Things

The past 10 years as a hairstylist has been nothing but amazing for me.  In my career as a stylist I've come across the most beautiful people who have helped me to become the person I am today.  Although today I make the largest and biggest announcement ever, as of April 1st, I will be hanging up my scissors, blow dryers, and color tools for now and trying on a new pair of shoes doing something completely different in life.  I won't lie that this has been one of the toughest decisions to make and as I begin to tell clients face to face about my "retirement" it's been even harder. Some clients I have seen for the last 10 years and others less than 2 years, but none the less letting them go and knowing that I will no longer be a part of their daily life routine is in a way odd.

I know you all are interested in knowing where my journey brings me to. I will the Director of Community Development for Visual Supply Co. Yes, I know you guys are all thinking where did she go from hair to this. It just seemed right and the better path to take for me and my family. The ability to be able to put my family first and foremost and have a schedule that suites my lifestyle was something that has become super important to me over the last couple of  years.

The last few weeks have been really hard for me. Hearing the responses from clients after I told them this was their last appointment with me was just responses I never expected to hear.  I had no idea how large of an impact I made in my clients lives and for that I am ever so grateful, thankful, and honored. For some of those clients I have been there through some major milestones in their lives, heard many stories about breakups to makeups, and even helped steer them into a new direction of life. And during that entire time making them feel their most beautiful and most confident after a brand new 'do.

As my final month as a stylist begins I can't help but thank every single client for being a HUUUGE part in my life. Sharing your life experiences with me has been nothing less than amazing. You all have helped mold me into the person I am today and for that I am so thankful. I know I will miss being in the salon from time to time. I'll miss the voices, the laughter, and yes even some of the drama. But I know that what the future holds in front of me is going to be one hell of an adventure.

Now of course the most important answer to the question of: "Who am I supposed to go to now for my hair?"  Well I have come up with three different hairstylists that I would trust with my own hair and know that they would take good care of all of you.

Daisy Barajas @ Shampoo Dolls.  Daisy is an extremely talented make up artist and a really good hairstylist. She trained under my old boss, Paulo Candido at Ego Mechanix and myself while I was at Limon Salon. The beauty about Daisy is that she can dissect my haircuts and has seen most of my old clients by being my assistant for a year and a half. So for those of you looking for someone close to the same style of cutting and understanding of color, then Daisy's your gal! I trusted Daisy with my clientele while I was on maternity leave with Olivia.

Moni Ung, Owner of Shampoo Dolls.  Moni is the HBIC of Shampoo Dolls and such an amazing human being and of course an extremely talented stylist.  She's currently on the Tech Style team of Kerastase which allows her talents to range from color to cuts to UPDOs (which was something I could never do). I'm looking forward to still working with Moni on several weddings that Encarnacion Photography will be photographing and of course the many Shabbuway dinner nights we still have.  She's a mother of two handsome boys and 5 dogs.  I feel that personality wise she's pretty close to the experience one would get with me through conversation and of course talent.

Dara Ung @ Shampoo Dolls.  Dara is a firecracker and also an extremely talented stylist.  She's got a unique eye in color and cuts and will tell you how it is. Her and I used to work together for Rusk and so in regards to cutting techniques, she falls pretty similar, but not as close as Daisy.  She's great with extensions and a total health/gym nut.  So for those looking for conversations with someone about food, working out, and everything else in life. She's got ya covered.

All three of these girls I know will be awesome in taking over my clients and making sure that they look and feel great! I just wanted to give the world options when it comes to choosing the right stylist.  They are also all at Shampoo Dolls so my hope is that when I get my hair done, one of my clients happen to be in their chair and it would be that sweet coincidence of being there at the right place and the right time.

For all my devoted clients. PLEASE keep in touch! I wanna know what you guys are up to and where your life brings you and please know that if you have any questions I'm still around.  Again thank you for the most awesome 10 years of my life I'm truly glad that I was able to bring that extra "umph" that your hair and life needed.