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Nine Retreat 2016 Recap

Nine Retreat 2016 Recap

My absolute favorite gem of all is the realization that we’ve started to dismiss one of our greatest power as women, which is our intuition and learning to listen to our own truths. Often times we’ve dismissed what we deeply know about ourselves or others because of what society is telling us to be. We’ve come to a time in our society where we’ve started to seek outside validation rather than listening to the voice within that’s already saying, “You are beautiful. You are strong. You are enough.” How many times do we sell ourselves short to live just below our potential? How many times do we dismiss our truths in order to please other people and make them happy? I mean seriously, talk about mind blown!

Speaking at NINE RETREAT: A retreat for women

I'm so excited (and incredibly nervous) to announce that I will be having my first speaking engagement at Nine Retreat this year near Eugene, Oregon. 

As lifestyle/wedding photographer I've seen many creative retreats take place and have attended quite a few. They are great opportunities to get away, refresh the creative spirits, and bring new inspiration to our creative work. But there was never a place or event to simply get away and get re-inspired for life. Last year, I watched as Kym Ventola launched something I had been yearning to attend for years, a women's retreat designed to help reignite community and inner strength in the lives of many creative women. And this year I'm excited and crazy nervous about this opportunity to speak in such an intimate setting. I'll be giving a talk on how I manage to balance out my crazy world and leading a 45 minute workout. 

To learn more about Nine Retreat visit and for one lucky woman the hosts have offered $200 OFF your registration fee, if you're interesting email me and I can give you the code. Offer expires on 5/31. Can't wait to see you there. The photos below are from the venue and taken by Kym Ventola.