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Just Ask Jo: How do I start a wellness and lifestyle blog?

In my first Just Ask Jo, advice for the modern-day soul seeker, long time reader Karee is curious about starting her first wellness and lifestyle blog. Find out what I think about this, based on my own personal experience, and what she can do to make her dreams a reality. 


Hey JO!

I love love love following you and reading your blogs. You have inspired in in more ways than you may know. I am thinking of starting my first wellness and lifestyle blog and I was wondering if you could give me some advice about blogging? Such as, where to begin? is it better to start free then pay when the blog gets successful? What is the best domain? 

Thank you, 


Hey Karee

Blogging oh my gosh where to even begin with the advice. First off starting off your own blog is extremely exciting. It’s a chance for you to get your thoughts out there to the world and use endless creativity on how to go about expressing yourself. And while there’s a ton of resources on the internet on how to start, where to begin, and how to strategize it; my biggest advice on the first step is just start! Blogging is one of those things you do in this world that you pick up and learn as you go. The beauty about it is that it’s your own thing and you get to make it as grand as you want or as simple you want. 

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What is a blog? 

It’s simple a blog is a means of communicating, sharing your ideas, spreading your passion, and connecting with others. That’s it! It’s that simple.

Steps to start a blog

Step 1: Choose a topic. 

Decide on what to blog. If you’re starting a blog for your business or company then the blog should be related to the products or services you provide.

But if you’re starting a personal blog, then the possibilities are endless. Start with what you know and most importantly ENJOY! If you’re not excited about the things you write about, you’ll hit massive roadblocks right at the start of your blogging journey. No one wants that. 

Choose a niche or area that you can establish yourself as an “expert” or authority in. Don’t worry about not being the first one to start writing about that niche. Chances are someone else has already started writing about it already, but the thing is you are unique and have your own voice. Your readers or audience come to you because they enjoy what you have to say.

Step 2: Choose your blog platform

There’s a lot to choose from. Wordpress, Blogger, Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly are a few of the most popular.

I’ve used both Wordpress and Blogspot in the past. Click here to see my very first blog “A Step in the Shoes of Joanne”. It was a place for me to brain dump and I loved using it as a modern day digital journal. 

GOFITJO is hosted on Squarespace. The reason why I chose this is because of its easy to use backend, the beautiful templates that was available to choose from when you first set things up, and since it’s not an open source platform like Wordpress, there were less chances of it getting hacked or my blog having technical issues due to botched code. (sorry for the geek talk). Basically, I found Squarespace to be a safer option and we launched Encarnacion Photography on it so it was something I was familiar with. 

Step 3: Choose a domain name

A domain is simply your web address. This is often the place that people get stuck at because they’re so worried about making the domain simple or catchy. If that’s holding you back from starting a blog, then just use your name. You can always rebrand later!

Step 4: JUST WRITE! 

Starting writing and stop worrying! You can worry about content strategy, social sharing, using Pinterest to drive traffic, etc. etc. etc. later. For now, if you’re just getting started, just start to write. You can use a free blog host like Wordpress for now or you can pay $12 p/month for a personal Squarespace site, honestly, that’s up to you which choice you’re more comfortable with. 

When I started my blog I had no intention of monetizing it or foresaw the success that it is now, I just wanted to write.

I hope this advice was helpful to you.