Sweat Sounds Vol 1

So two weeks ago I hosted a BBG Meet up with some my sweat crew and it was AHHHHHMAZING! A few things happened, I made some lifelong friendships with Mickey, Shannon, and Lucy. Women who have their own unique ways of being special and beautiful and people fell in love with my playlist so I decided that each month I'll be releasing what I like to call "Sweat Sounds", a compilation of music that gets you through your workout. 

Click to on the image to listen to it on Soundcloud.

I've been listening to these sweet sounds on my new Sudio Sweden Vasa BLÅ wireless headphones. For those who know me well, I have a love for good sound quality and a slight addiction to S'well water bottles, headphones, and other various "things". 

These earbuds have been my favorite to tote around everywhere I go. They are sleek, lightweight, and have an sound quality that is full and airy at the same time. It's not heavy on the bass which is great when wanting to listen to sound with a little more clarity in the mid range. I love these for when I'm going on a walk, a steady LISS session, yoga, and just being around in my open space office at work. And the rose gold detail, is simply to die for. I've tried them all: Jaybirds, Beats headphones, and plenty other OEM bluetooths and these ones simply have the best battery life to it.

Sudio Sweden was gracious enough to extend a discount to my readers to use when ordering your pair: joanne15. Order yours here