weekend leftovers

Weekend Leftovers Vol. 7

Weekend Leftovers Vol. 7

There’s something about New York. I really can’t put it into words why I love that place so much. It’s not like I had very many memories of it growing up. My folks moved to CA when I was 4 years old. But the moment I started to walk around Chelsea Village and Greenwich there was a part of me that knew I was home. It was like as if I could feel the city’s energy recharging me with every step I took. I also lucked out because according to friends it was the best time of year to come because the weather was just absolutely perfect. There was no rain, no sign of humidity, and the climate matched Northern California to a tee. 

I hope you enjoy this edition of Weekend Leftovers as much as I enjoyed capturing pieces of it and reliving it through these photographs.

Weekend Leftovers Vol. 5

I shared this transformation story online and the one thing that I had realized as I started to look back through all my photos during 2013 - 2015 in my camera roll was that there were no other photos outside of my fitness journey, which made me sad for a bit. My life during that time was so focused on my health and fitness goals. It's so refreshing to look back now and see my camera roll fill with memories and not just transformation photos and meal prep ideas. 

Friday 03.24.2017 - 13 hour trip to LA

I jumped on a plane to LA for a quick trip. When I say quick, I mean in LA the first flight and out of LA the last flight. I had several appointments in LA and caught up with two friends that I hold dear to my heart.

I love watching the sunrise and sunset over the clouds. It's like I'm sailing through my dreams.

Lunch at Kendall's Brassarie with Remi. One of the things that I appreciate about my fellow blogger girlfriend Remi is how incredibly supportive she is. I had the chance to meet her in person last June when I went to LA for Kayla Itsine's Sweat Tour. When we both arrived at Juice Served Here wearing the same color scheme without even planning it, I knew we were going to hit if off as friends. Every time I come to LA, I make sure to carve out a little time for trouble with this girl because she's full of sunshine and who doesn't wait some extra laughs. 

We had lunch over at Kendall's Brasserie. Our meal started off with a huge plate of charcuterie and a lovely cocktail (or in my case, two). We ordered the deviled eggs that was topped with uni and the crudite chopped salad to share.   

They have a sweet little speakeasy opening up shortly called the Boardroom, which I cannot wait to try when I go back for another visit.  

After lunch, we zipped back over to Remi's place so I can drop her off and head off to Sweetfin Poke to meet one of my dearest friends Lydia. Lydia was the editor of one of my favorite wedding blogs, Ever Ours. She's been a long time family friend and every time I head to LA it's always for a jam packed schedule so it was nice to make sure to prioritize spending some much needed catch up sesh with her. 

I'm really particular with my poke bowls. I love them pretty traditional about my poke, but I love Sweetfin's California take on this Hawaiian dish. You can either build your own or order one of their Signature bowls. Either way you're in for a treat.  

Saturday 03.25.2017 - A family day at Golfland

Since the hubs was heading out to a boys trip in the desert we wanted to make sure we got in some much needed play time with the girls. I'm terrible at mini golf BTW, which probably means I'm terrible at regular sized golf. 

Sunday 03.26.2017 - A quiet day with the girls....before the solo parenting the madness began.

Sunday was spent mostly prepping for the week. After we dropped Jon off to the airport we went back home and started to do the fun things like laundry and tidying up the house. After that we decided to go and take a little break and head to San Jose Public Market for a little lunch. I love the pizza over at Pizza Bocca Lupo, they serve a wood fired thin crust Neopolitan style pizza. 

After, I had my daughter shoot a few pieces of content for some work I've got coming up soon and was simply blown away by some of the test shots. 

Airis is turning 13 in a month. She's been growing into the typical teenage girl which means her time is mostly spent in her room, online, talking to friends, and wanting to find ways to push her independence while still trying to hold on to some of her child like ways. It's been such an interesting evolution to watch unfold as there are days where I just want to pull my hair out, but most of the time I'm simply in awe of her. Motherhood is rocky as shit, but totally worth it all in the end. 

Weekend Leftovers Vol. 3

Although the tasting with The Dorian SF and a few amazing blogger friends wasn't over the weekend I wanted to share it with you guys here because I sometimes consider Thursday nights as weekend. 

The Dorian SF is ode to a bygone era, a modern day parlour for freethinkers. This couldn't have been a more perfect setting for a bunch of SF Bay area creatives, bloggers, and writers to get together for some cocktails and their fresh new dinner menu. The Dorian SF is located in the Marina. If you haven't yet checked out the Marina neighborhood, its one that's filled with restaurants, fun little shops, and everything that you basically need to hide your wallet from. It's darling neighborhood and a perfect home for this little dining experience. 

Cocktails, I mean on the weekend we need to cheers with a libation or two to honor all the hard work during the week. My favorite drink on the menu that evening was the Hellfire Club. Not sure if it was because of the name, but the Mezcal, spiced pear liqueur, ponzu, and black Hawaiian lava sea salt just seemed like the combo I needed to kick off the weekend.

Dinner was served and we had a range from himachi sashimi, which I think I could've indulged in a few more plates of it, to ahi tacos, pork bao sliders, and a burger served on a platter and the cutest little french fries dish. 

I couldn't stay for the dessert course, but seeing everyone's IG stories that evening made me hungry for more. 

Friday 03.10.2017 - a night out at Cukui for Hella Kitty, an female focused art show where proceeds went to the ACLU. It was supposed to be family night, but Jon wanted some adult time so we left our little Adobo Fam at home. 

Some of my fitness sisters came out to meet me. Love these girls: @bbghapa, @bbg_yogicass, @hellowigglefy, @munfung.bbg @elle_active. (not BCCAs in our cups) 

Some of my fitness sisters came out to meet me. Love these girls: @bbghapa, @bbg_yogicass, @hellowigglefy, @munfung.bbg @elle_active. (not BCCAs in our cups) 

I've spoken about how I hid parts of my fitness journey from old friends, partially because I felt misunderstood, but ultimately I hid away parts of my life away because I just didn't feel "worthy" enough to belong in certain groups of friends. To some degree I felt like I didn't fit in. Being at the art show that night reminded me that I did fit in with my "cool" friends who were creative artists, DJs, photographers, and more. For once in a very long time, I felt like I belonged and that I was proud to be me.  I shared my feelings of insecurity with a friend and she shared this incredible post found on Thought Catalog that sums up every bit of this friendship insecurity I have. 

Saturday 03.11.2017

Wedding season has begun and we've got a pretty solid year at Encarnacion Photography, however we're still taking weddings for 2017. Once wedding season begins it means the hubs and I are both spending time during the week working away at editing photos, answering emails, or biz admin stuff and weekends are long days carrying a ton of wedding equipment capturing people in love.

My husband, my better half. I can't put into words just how much he means to me in my life, but I'm going to try. Oh Jonathan...


Jonathan is one of those guys that come into your life that makes an impact on your heart. He's kind, gentle, and OH SO DAMN PATIENT (especially to deal with me). While there's a lot of similarities and passions that we share, we're also extremely different. He's more relaxed about certain aspects of our life and I am typically wound up like a tight screw. But he balances me out and I do that for him.

I shared a recent transformation photo that seemed to go a little viral with several publications this week. In that post I shared how instead of working on my physical health I had to work on our relationship health. Jonathan and I have been married for almost 9 years and have been in a relationship with each other for almost 15. That is an INCREDIBLY long time to be with someone and on top of all that a lot of life to have experienced in 15 years. We were and are growing old together and of course, a lot of evolving has happened during that time.

Relationships will continue to challenge you to grow as a person. These challenges are opportunities to learn how to be better for one another.

We started off 2016 disconnected with one another. If I can describe it to you imagine two planets in space each spinning on its own orbit. There were moments we were aligned spinning simultaneously and in sync and moments where one planet seemed to be moving at its own pace while the other spinning out of control. When we argued we just didn't want to see each other's perspective and if I was being honest, I used my friendships, my training (at that time), and my work as reasons to not have to face the truth that we were no longer connected. Through months of therapy we learned that our biggest areas of struggle were the following: communication, the ability to hear one another, and our differences. I don't know what happened or when it happened, but at some point I stopped looking at our differences as something to celebrate.

Let me know if a post on relationship health is something you guys would want to hear about. Comment below. Have an incredible weekend!