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BodyBoss Method 12 Week Fitness Guide Review

I'm addicted to weightlifting and everyone knows it. I started my fitness journey tackling and facing the area of the gym the most women fear which is free weights and body building. There was just something about being able to tackle the “beast” first that made me feel like a champ! I have my go-to workout routines, but lately I’ve really enjoyed mixing things up and finding ways to incorporate other forms of exercise modalities into my current training for variety. There are so many fitness guides available online. Body Boss Method is one of the many that you can get, but after flipping through the book the first time I knew it was one that I would fall in love with immediately.  

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BodyBoss Method is a 12 week step by step Fitness Program filled with fun and challenging HIIT (high intensity workouts). HIIT circuits are great for endurance and maximum power training along with fat burning. The program is broken down into 4 different cycles of 3 weeks designed to help you reach your peak performance, power, fitness, and fat burning. For those who are new it does include 4 week pre-training cycle you can use to onramp yourself into the 12 week program.  

The program itself includes 60 different exercises and the constant rotation in exercises activates as many muscles as possible, drives fat burning and is a key component of the BodyBoss Method. Each workout is 24 minutes long 3 days a week and can be done anytime anywhere with minimal equipment required. What I think I love the most is the fact that the guide comes in a print edition and a digital online edition. I love that I can physically take something with me to the gym without having to use my phone and get distracted by notifications. Within the guide is a progress tracker sheet and goal sheet that helps you stay on track and focused and if you end up with the print guide you can write your goals directly in your guide.  



  • It’s great for all fitness levels. For those who are just getting started this guide walks you through an easy to follow structured program. There’s a glossary of exercises in the back that teaches you exactly how to go through each move. You can modify any of the exercises to fit to your fitness level. Since the workout program isn’t necessarily time based you can work through the reps and take however long needed until you complete your circuits. If you’re more advanced, you can increase your weights, use small loop bands above your knees for added resistance or increase the amount of circuits for additional challenge.

  • Each BodyBoss workout allows time for a warm up and cool down stretches. The BodyBoss stretches are simple, but seeing stretches queued within any guide or program is a really great reminder to make time to stretch and recovery. I’m terrible at stretching so I love that this guide focuses on that. 
  • There are booty workouts!! I used to compete in NPC Bikini Body Building competitions and the biggest the areas that I always needed to work on based on my coaches and judges were building a bigger booty and wider lats for that v-taper. Most workout programs I’ve tried never focused on proper glute activation suck as glute bridges or glute lunges or what I like to refer them to as curtsy lunges. The fact that BodyBoss included these exercises was probably the first thing I looked through flipping through the guide which is what when I knew it would be one of my best friends. 
  • You can take it on the go! There were plenty of times during my travels that I would book a hotel or AirBnB based on whether or not it had a fitness center or if there was gym or several boutique studios in the area. Since the workouts use very minimal equipment there’s no need to be restrict your travels based on your fitness needs.

I highly recommend this guide to anyone who’s looking for an easy to follow workout program. If you have troubles finding exercises that fit into your schedule, or motivation to get your going on a workout routine, this is an amazing one to add to your toolbox because the workouts are amazing! I definitely love the circuits on its own, certainly gives me the variety I need!

This post was sponsored by BodyBoss Method and I was compensated to write this post, but all the opinions are 100% my own.  

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