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Battle of the Boxes

Subscription boxes...do we love them or do we hate them? They seem to be all the rage right now especially because we're all busy bad ass women trying hustling hard to keep up with life's crazy demands right now. I go back and forth with my mindset on the issue of "I've just gotten to an age in life where IDGAF" and I stick to what I know and what I've become comfortable with when it comes to fashion and beauty. On the flip side of that you never discover new products or styles you might think you'll like because your stuck in your box. This is one of the reasons why I'm a fan of subscription boxes because you get the chance to try things that you might not have been looking for when shopping on your own. 

BeautyCon Box || Use GOFITFALL for $5 OFF    (expires November 30, 2016)

BeautyCon Box || Use GOFITFALL for $5 OFF (expires November 30, 2016)

This month I received several boxes from SweatStyle, BeautyCon, and Box of Style by Zoe Report.

First up is the SweatStyle box. Since I'm a fitness enthusiast, this one was a no brainer. I enjoy getting new workout clothes and living in yoga pants as much as I possibly can. My Sweat Style box comes with two different outfits in each delivery. What's cool is you can set the delivery schedule as frequent or infrequent as you like: 1 month, every other, or 3 months. This is pretty sweet especially if you're like me and whenever you walk into the store you can't help but walk out with a new sports bra to add to your collection of 50 in your drawers. 

Use GOFITJO20 to get 20% off your first box at www.mysweatstyle.com

Use GOFITJO20 to get 20% off your first box at www.mysweatstyle.com

My first box included the following:

  1. Terez Muscle Tank in Wine
  2. Terez Pants 3D NYC Tall Band Performance Leggings (currently on sale at Bloomingdales)
  3. Strut-This Monroe Pant in all Grey
  4. Strut-This Muscle Tank in Grey
  5. Strut-This Kinzie Bra in Black  on sale at Revolve.

Final Verdict: Out of 5 stars, I'd rate this a 3.5. Its a nice to have, but not a must. I do really appreciate the fact that you can customize the frequency of delivery. The selections that were curated in the box was pretty spot on of things I would buy except the Terez Pants. I may never approach these pants in store, but I do love how the feel on and as a NY born girl, I love the map of NYC on them. I would suggest to give it a try, the nice thing is there's no commitment. Use GOFITJO20 to get 20% off your first box at www.mysweatstyle.com

Next is BeautyCon Box!! This is my second BeautyCon box that I got and there were definitely some items in here that are must haves and some items that I felt I could live without. A little background of BeauyCon box, each season is curated by a different talent. This particular fall box was curated by Angel and Shyla, two bad ass celebrity make up artists in the industry. Now if I could only contour like Angel, I'd be set for LIFE!

In the box came all of this: 

  1. DUO - Lash Adhesive 
  2. Flutter Lashes - iSlay Lashes 
  3. Jouer - Essential Lip Enhancer
  4. Laser Kitten - Sweetheart Lipstick Pin
  5. Luxie Beauty - Luxie Large Angled 504 Brush
  6. Milani Cosmetics - Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow
  7. Mystic Tan - Mocha-Kyssed Bronzer Lotion 
  8. OFRA Cosmetics - Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick 
  9. Simple® - Cleansing Facial Wipes
  10. Sugarfina - Sugar Lips® 
  11. Shayla & Angel portrait by @rongrong_devoe_illustration

Final Verdict: 4 stars out of 5. I'm a sucker for beauty products, it must be the old hairstylist in me. A few of the things in here I may not use on the daily such as the iSlay Lashes, Duo Lash Glue.  But all the other things in here I've already thrown into my gym bag such as the Simple Cleansing Facial wipes, OFRA Cosmetics Lipstick, and the Lip Enhancer by Jouer. 

Last but definitely not least, is the Box of Style by The Zoe Report. First off any other Rachel Zoe fans here? Because I DIE. When The Zoe Report reached out to me to see if I was interested in checking out their box I was head over heels excited. I just remember watching Rachel Zoe on Bravo when I was younger wanting everything she wore!

use  JOANNE10  to get 10% off your  Box of Style

use JOANNE10 to get 10% off your Box of Style

I didn't get a flat lay of everything included because I was just so terribly excited to wrap myself in the monochrome cape. But here's a link to a video of what came inside.

Wonder Cape by Donni Charm   (similar one here )

Wonder Cape by Donni Charm

(similar one here)

Tassel Bracelet by Rachel Zoe  Gatsby Wrap belt by B-Low the Belt

Tassel Bracelet by Rachel Zoe

Gatsby Wrap belt by B-Low the Belt

Photo from http://boxofstyle.thezoereport.com/

Photo from http://boxofstyle.thezoereport.com/

Aside from the Adidas Avenue A box, this probably happens to be my favorite. This box includes things that I rarely shop for because I'm stuck in my comfort zone of athleisure looks and has a taste of both beauty and fashion wrapped up in one. The value of the items in the box and the price of the subscription is unreal. You get almost $400 worth of items for just $100 and that's pretty good steal. The Box of Style is definitely a 4.5 out of 5 stars for me. You can use JOANNE10 to get 10% off your Box of Style. If anything the box makes for a really awesome Christmas Gift for a girlfriend, boss lady, or family member. 

Now as far as what to do with all these things you get in subscription boxes you wont use? I like to throw them into a small gift or leave the box with the items I wont be using in the woman's locker room with a note for anyone else to take. There's no better feeling than paying it forward to someone who might be needing a lipstick or hair product that day. A small act of kindness might just help someone you didn't know needed the smile. 

Thank you SweatStyle, BeautyCon, and The Zoe Report for providing me with these boxes to try. As usual your girl Jo keeps it 100, although these boxes were given to me, my thoughts on the boxes and service are completely my own.